Video: Does It Offend You? Yeah - "The Monkeys Are Coming"

Does It Offend You? Yeah is a band that has made waves in their home country of the UK and are now getting some recognition in the United States. I came across this band more recently and decided to check out their newish video (came out in February).

After watching it all I could say was "Woah," and hit the replay button. Does It Offend You? Yeah combine elements of punk, indie, electronic, and dance. They had some relatively nice buzz when their debut album You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into dropped getting a mention from Rolling Stone as a breaking artist in 2008. They also were the 9th most played on lastfm in 2008 as well, but somehow I did not hear much else. They recently released their second album Don't Say We Didn't Warn You, and the video below is for their single "The Monkeys Are Coming." The video is fun and the song is intense. I hear these guys (and gal on bass) throw a hell of a live show. Watch below.

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I love this band and interviewed them for Alarm Press a couple months ago. They opened for Linkin Park during their US tour and are expected to headline US soon! Such great energy during live performances, you definitely need to catch one!

I really think this year they will make more a mark in the US, everything I've read about their live shows have been nothing but positive. I'll fer sure have to catch them perform

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