Video: John Maus - "Believer"

With all the trippy videos I post on here you'd think I like trippy videos or something.  I do, but that's besides the point.  This trippy video comes courtesy of singer/songwriter John Maus who's spent a lot of time with singer/songwriter Ariel Pink in the past exchanging musical ideas.  As soon as you here the first two seconds of this song, you can hear the connection to Ariel Pink this guy has.

Both artists make retro-sounding, psychedelic music that's, well, really trippy.  But, they also base their trippiness on catchy, well-written songs.  And while Ariel Pink can be a little too crazy for me sometimes, Maus seems like a more chill, normal bro.  This song "Believer", off his upcoming album We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves, is just awesome.  It starts out very retro, and kind of cheesy, but it builds to be very epic and just plain beautiful.  The video is very psychedelic though, and you shouldn't watch it if you get seizures.  It might even be more strobey than Kanye's "All Of The Lights" video.  Watch it below.

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