Video: WU LYF - "LYF"

I may be a bit late to the buzz about this band, but it seems like they haven't been catching the attention of the blogs the way other internet-born artists like OFWGKTA and The Weeknd have.  That's probably because WU LYF are the newest, and weirdest addition to what seems like this new trend in music circa 2011, the anonymous, concept group.

These guys got their start in the same way as OF and The Weeknd, by releasing their music under a mysterious moniker on the internet.  Like those groups, they let their music speak for itself, although they have released less than either of the two, and even less is known about them.  If you go to their website,, you'll learn that their name stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation (kinda taking the whole Odd Future 666 thing to the next level there, guys); you'll read some really cool sounding, but mostly nonsensical poetry about speaking your mind and not being a follower "So go tell fire to the mountain"; and you'll hear some music set to really strange, grainy videos playing behind the words.  The most notable video, which you get to by clicking the WORLD UNITE link, is the one for their song "LYF."

WU LYF's music is even more original, and harder to pin down than either OF or The Weeknd.  Basically it boils down to them using organs, guitars, energetic post-rock drumming, screaming/growling vocals, and a lot of reverb to make catchy songs that are upbeat, dark, odd, appealing, and a bunch of other things all at once. It sounds like these guys have hundreds of random influences all colliding into one solid sound.  It's hard to explain in writing.  The best way to introduce yourself to this strange collective is to watch their video for "LYF"; it perfectly captures their energy, imagery, and everything that's cool about their music in one awesomely shot, four-minute video.  Watch it below.

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