Video/MP3: The Foreign Films - "A Message"

Bill Majoros has experienced it all when it comes to music. He has been writing and recording for years, finding out what it has been like playing empty bars, to packed arenas. His previous band Flux A.D. split into different projects including Feist, The Great Lake Swimmers, and Holy Fuck. This hasn't stopped Bill as he has been hard at working creating the music he loves and even has appearances from Kori Pop and Alex McMaster of Arcade Fire.

He goes by The Foreign Films moniker and this past February he dropped a awesome EP. He created a fresh blend of indie, pop, and a touch of psychedelic. The track "A Message" is one of the stand out tracks and the song he created a video for. The video has over 4,000 photos to create a stop motion video. The song is also available for free from his bandcamp page, and you can also buy the whole EP too.

Connect with The Foreign Films: Bandcamp | Facebook | Website



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