MP3: Bad Rabbits - "1979" (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

Man, do I love me some Bad Rabbits. These dudes have been on the music circuit for a little while now making some serious noise. I'm starting to see their name all over the place more and finally people are realizing their awesomeness. With the Bad Rabbits you get it all.

The guys are hard at work creating a new material and are also doing a cover series. They have already released their versions of a Deftones song (pure sex for your ears) and a Michael Jackson classic. Honestly, out of all the covers of songs I have heard, the Bad Rabbits seem to have a formula that works perfect. Today, they return with their take on the Smashing Pumpkins classic "1979". Billy Corgan would proud. You can download the track for free below and watch a video of them performing the song.

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Download: Bad Rabbits - "1979" (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)


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