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MP3: Cory Gunz - "Outta My Mind"

I never truly gave Cory Gunz much attention a couple months back when I started hearing his name more. I mean he has been featured in plenty of tracks one of the latest being Lil Wayne's single "6'7" but Gunz got some serious mic skills. He spits some serious bars on this track called "Outta My Mind" with a boomin' beat. This song is off his upcoming mixtape Son of a Gun. The tape is set for a release tomorrow. Listen and download below.

Via Hypetrak


Listen/MP3: Sundress - "Derelict"

Sundress comes from Texas and they are bringing a tastefully elegant blend of psychedelic pop to your ears. They only came together a year ago and they already sound like a band that has been working together for a few years. The band has described their sound as ethereal shoegaze and dream pop sound. Influences range from Pink Floyd, Sparklehorse, Slowdive Spacemen 3 and The Beatles. After only a year they have already opened for bands like Washed Out, Tame Impala, and made appearances at SXSW. Sundress is dropping a new EP on August 16th and we have the song "Derelict" available for free. Make sure if you dig this song you pick that EP up when it drops in August.

Connect with Sundress: Facebook | Twitter | Website


MP3: Doom - "My Favorite Ladies" (Equal Remix)

DOOM is one of those lyrical rappers that always delivers. His stuff I'd say is still underground, but he has gained a significant fan base. While we wait on new material and on all the rumors of collaborations, a fresh remix came out for the track "My Favorite Ladies." Spotted over at the good folks of Pigeons & Planes, this is a nice find. Oh and the rumored collabs are with Radiohead's Thom Yorke, one with Masta Ace, and hooking up with producer Madlib for another Madvillain project. For now as we are left wondering what we can expect, listen and download to this remix.

Via Pigeons & Planes


Video: Drake - "Marvin's Room"

"Marvin's Room" is one of three tracks Drake's posted on his blog in the past couple months from his upcoming album Take Care.  Out of the three, "Marvin's Room" definitely seems the most fit for the music video treatment with its sad, drunk-dial narrative complete responses from the chick Drizzy probably shouldn't be calling, but is anyway.  The video for this song is pretty straight-forward and follows the song pretty closely.  But, there is a strange part at the end of the video that might take you by surprise.  Watch it below to see what I mean.


Wanted: Writers Needed

Well, I decided to write a post looking to see if any of you cool readers want to join us and write some posts. Ideally I'd like someone who can post at least once a day or at least five posts a week.  Typically, the posts don't have to be some crazy long research piece, but good grammar and knowledge is required. The perfect candidate would listen to similar genres as the site posts and likes more than just a particular one. For instance, I'm a fan of indie, hip hop, reggae, rock etc. Now granted I can't pay you, but I think this is a great opportunity for a few reasons. A.) One thing is it gets your writing out to thousands of readers and you have your own work published online. B.) You'll be exposed to tons of new music. C.) You can certainly use this on your resume as something extra you do on the side, I know it is on mine.

I want someone pretty reliable, which I get is hard considering this is all done for nothing. I have had a few writers back out last minute when I passed on others, some who promised to post a lot and did like two a month (they got removed),  a few couldn't grasp the post instructions, and others who generally had no time (understandable). I'm looking to add two maybe three writers. If you are interested, please email with "Writer" in the subject line. Just let me know who you are, location, 5 favorite artists/bands, and any other previous experience. Look forward to possibly having you join us!

Video: M83 - "Echoes" (New Album in the Works)

M83 has been relatively quiet since 2008's popular and critically acclaimed album, Saturdays = Youth dropped. The man behind the music is Anthony Gonzalez, who creates a blend of electronic, ambient, shoegaze pop. Although he has done some remixes since his 2008 album, there really wasn't much to be known about new material, until now. He dropped a video trailer on YouTube, with a new album due out soon.

The video shows him working with his keyboard surrounded by floppy disks and other electronics. It then builds up with synths and bass lines with random nature shots. If you appreciate Gonzalez's music this trailer should get you pumped.


Listen: Howling Bells - "The Loudest Engine"

This is a new discovery for me and I'm glad I got an email about this band Howling Bells. The band was formed in Australia and is currently based in London.  Their music adventure has found them on their own tours and playing with bands like Coldplay and The Killers. They are currently wrapping up their latest album called The Loudest Engine, due out September 12th. We get a taste of the title track from the album and it has a cool indie rock vibe. If this is what to expect from the album, then this will certainly be an album to pick up. Listen to "The Loudest Engine" below.

Connect with Howling Bells: Facebook | Twitter

Weds 14th SEPTEMBER - PORTSMOUTH, WEDGEWOOD ROOMS                          
Thurs 15th - LONDON, ELECTRIC BALLROOM                          
Fri 16th - SHEFFIELD, PLUG                                                           
Sun 18th - LEEDS, COCKPIT                                                    
Mon 19th - GLASGOW, ORAN MOR                                                
Tues 20th - MANCHESTER, ACADEMY 3    

More to be announced.


MP3: Mastodon - "Deathbound"

I think it is about time I post some more hard rock/progressive metal, I'm actually a big fan. It really is a challenge to balance a lot of genres out. Luckily, Mastodon is a featured artist in the Adult Swim singles giveaway. With week 4 of the free songs, comes the heavy track called "Deathbound." If you are looking to rock your damn face off you'll want this track. Honestly, after one listen I wanted to start breaking things and get crazy (don't do this, you'll regret it). However, this track will get you pumped. Listen and download below.


Download: Mastodon - "Deathbound"

Listen: Chiddy Bang - "Mind Your Manners"

You all know you love hearing some fresh new Chiddy Bang. The Philly duo has grown to become a hot act that people race to hear. Chiddy got a crazy flow and Xaphoon is probably one of the best upcoming producers in hip hop. The track "Mind Your Manners" is the first official track off their LP Breakfast, coming soon. This song did debut awhile back with a live version, but now we got some high quality sound for you. Listen below. Xaphoon you crazy!

Via The Hip Hop Update


Listen: Duck Sauce - "Big Bad Wolf"

If you have not heard of Duck Sauce by now, then you clearly missed out on their catchy jam "Barbra Streisand." The song was catchy as hell, and even though I'm not too big into house or dance music, I loved the song. It was featured on a commercial I think more recently too.  

Duck Sauce is composed of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak, who got together back in 2009. After that 2010 smash of "Barbra Streisand" they return this summer with a new track called "Big Bad Wolf." It has a slightly different feel, but it is pretty solid. Listen below.


Video: Action Bronson - "Brunch"

The more I hear tracks off Action Bronson's latest LP Dr. Lector, the more I dig the dude. Yes, he has a similar voice and delivery to Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah, but let's stop the comparison now before it gets overdone. Actually, its probably too late as that is what all people talk about, and I'm guilty of it too. Moving on, for the song "Brunch" Action Bronson is showing us why ladies shouldn't mess with him. Definitely pick up this LP if you haven't, its solid. Watch "Brunch" below.


Listen: Washed Out - Within and Without (Album Stream)

I'd say Washed Out or mastermind Ernest Greene is having a hell of a year. His popularity explosion has been a ongoing thing, and he certainly has gotten praise from some of the biggest websites. The songs we have heard so far have been a brilliant blend of chill wave, electronic, and lo-fi. It is not something I can really jump into, but honestly I'm loving this album. Within and Without is dropping July 12th, and this is a album you will want to have in your summer collection. You can stream the entire album over at the good folks at NPR here.

If you haven't downloaded the song "Amor Fati" for free yet, then get it below.


Video: J Dilla - "Last Donut of the Night"

J Dilla was a top notch music producer that was taken from the world too soon, but his legacy continues. People all over in the music industry and fans alike keep his music alive. Stones Throw started a video contest back in April as a celebration of the labels 15 year existence.  You can read more about the contest here. A favorite so far was created by Tuomas Vauhkonen and Jeremias Nieminen. They developed a excellent visual for J Dilla's "Last Donut of the Night." This track was off his instrumental album Donuts, which was critically acclaimed. Watch below.


Listen: Kendrick Lamar - "Hol' Up"

The Compton emcee continues to deliver with each release off his Section 80 album. The west coast rapper dropped the song "Hol' Up" on Friday and boy is it fire. I love the horns of the beat, it really gives the track something fresh. Of course though Lamar kills it as usual. Listen to "Hol' Up" below and be on the look out for Section 80 on July 2.

Via Hypetrak


Artist: Sid Sriram

Not many singers can cover the likes of Adele, Frank Ocean, Drake, Bruno Mars and successfully create a new unique version of the song. Yet, this is what young singer Sid Sriram has done and people are definitely noticing. However, Sid also creates beautifully composed original songs which truly allow him to spread his talents even more.

Sid first discovered his interest in music at the young age of three when his mother began teaching him Indian classical vocals. It would not be long after that he would dive into the American music that consumes us on a daily basis. As he began getting older, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, and Jazz all stood out to him, and you can hear each genre within his passionate singing. Sid has cited influences on his website as Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West.

2008 would prove to be a big year for Sriram where he began his college career at the Berklee College of Music. There he would begin to take songwriting and his music more serious. As he continued to perfect his craft he would debut a Acoustic EP called Be Easy: The Acoustic Sessions, which after its October 2010 release has accumulated over 10,000 downloads. He has found some amazing support online as well, especially with some of the blogs with a substantial following. He is also steadily approaching a million views and has over 3,000 subscribers on his Youtube account.

This past Spring, Sriram released two brand new singles called, "Limitless" and "Farther, Closer." Both these songs show his vocal ability, his mainstream accessibility, and pure songwriting talent. After all his influences and style, Sid has found his way into the hearts of thousands. Although music has sometimes lacked in the past few years with raw talent, Sid is ready to prove what honest talent is. His brand of Urban/Indie/Pop will be hard to ignore in 2011-2012 and be on the lookout for future projects.

Connect with Sid Sriram: Facebook | Website | Youtube


Listen: Kid Cudi - "Angels & Demons"

While Kid Cudi is working on his rock album, which I am not sure how this will work,  a unreleased track called "Angels & Demons" appeared. Apparently the track was to be on his debut Man on the Moon: The End of Day, but was left off.  The full original clip had Clipse featured on it, but the track that ended up on the web does not feature them. Listen below.


MP3: Southern Shores - "Night Is Young"

As Summer 2011 already has brought up some great tracks, another band called Southern Shores, also creates a song perfect to ring in the summer months. The music is poppy and easily danceable, which is a great vibe for those summer nights. It has a different sound then what I normally listen to, but I dug it. Southern Shores are dropped an EP of 6 tracks called Atlantic and in celebration have given the song "Night is Young" away for free. you'll want this catchy jam. Listen and download below.

Connect with Southern Shores: Facebook | Soundcloud


MP3: The Shimmies - "Friendly Fire"

The Shimmies are creating some quality rock, indie, and pop all in one. They currently have announced an EP called Growing Up Roanoke: Beloved B-Sides. The California band is dropping this EP with 4 songs out of the 15 that were recorded in the summer of 2009. There are 3 original songs and 1 cover song. The Shimmies have been compared to some great bands that include: The Avett Brothers,Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Jeff Buckley, and Sigur Ros. You can listen and download to the song "Friendly Fire" from the EP below and the full set is due out June 28th.


Listen/MP3: The Weeknd - "Trust Issues" (Drake Remix)

So Drake dropped that track called "Trust Issues" a few days ago, and of course the music dictator Universal removed the song that Drake wanted out for free. Whatever, that won't stop the track from getting around. Anyway, Drake posted up on his blog The Weeknd's take on the same track. I think The Weeknd's remix has a lot more emotion in the vocals, it is raw. I've played this track almost 15 times already. Listen and download below.

Via Pitchfork

Download: The Weeknd - "Trust Issues"

Certified Fresh: Shabazz Palaces - Black Up

When I first heard Seattle-based experimental rap crew Shabazz Palaces's first two mini albums, Of Light and the self-titled, last summer, I immediately fell for their innovative beats and production and Ishmael Butler's excellent rapping over top of it.  As soon as I heard "Kill White T", I could tell these guys were going places and I was excited for anything they were going to come out with in the future.  I don't think I fully realized their potential, or the potential of their unique sound, though.  It wasn't until I heard the first single, "An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum", from their Sub Pop debut, Black Up, that I realized they were taking rap to a place that it hasn't really gone before.

There have been plenty of rap artists in the last ten years that have tried to experiment with their sound as much as possible while still keeping all the elements of a good hip-hop song intact.  MF DOOM/Madvillain, Outkast, and J Dilla are a few that were good at fitting all kinds of strange samples and rhythmic left turns into their songs while still maintaining what makes people listen to hip-hop in the first place,  great beats and killer verses over top of them.  But, Shabazz Palaces's experiments differ from those other artists partly because they are making music in a different time, and they have the advantage of perspective.  There's been a lot of really interesting developments in experimental electronic-based music recently.

One album I think is a major reference point for Black Up (and I could be completely wrong here) is Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion.  I see that album as somewhat of a paradigm shift for music production.  As far as the song-writing goes, AC didn't really do anything on that album that hasn't been done already, but the production of that album really was something special.  Until that point I don't think many people realized the potential of using samples to fill a song with so much sound while still having it sound focused.  I hear production influences from MPP on everything now from Beyonce's newer stuff to Destroyer's album from earlier this year to this album.  What Shabazz do differently than the experimental rappers that have come before them is apply the MPP method of using samples to explode a song with sound to hip-hop.  Some other obvious influences Shabazz shows are Flying Lotus and the work Butler's cousin Summach Ecks (aka Gonjasufi) did with The Gaslamp Killer last year.

But, when it comes down to it, Shabazz really just sound like themselves on Black Up (i.e. unlike anything else that's out there currently).  They sound like a bigger, better version of themselves when compared to their two mini albums.  They take the experimental direction they outlined on those early albums and flesh it out to make some truly mind-bending music.  Meanwhile, Butler's lyricism and rhymes have only improved; it'll take me listen after listen to pick up on all the intricacies of his poetic lyrics.  This is one debut that will probably be remembered for a long time to come, and it's exciting to think about what this group could do next.

Standout Tracks: "Free Press And Curl", "Are you... Can you... Were you? (Felt)", "Youlogy", "Swerve...."


Free press and curl

Are you... Can you... Were you? (Felt)

Unsigned Friday: DJ Invisiboy

It is Friday again, and another addition to the Unsigned Friday posts. I actually got a couple emails of artists interested in this section, which is awesome and I promise I am listening to everything. For the latest we have a live-mash up performer from Portland, Oregon. Make sure you check out his website at the end if you dig the music, he has a lot of free tunes.

Who: DJ Invisiboy is Abe Ingle

What: DJ Invisiboy is a "DJ" who makes live mashups using a cool light up touchpad.

Where: Portland, OR

When: DJ Invisiboy began in 2005, when a club owner, asked me to DJ because I'm a crazy dancer. I started on CDs and Vinyl, but switched to all digital live mashups in late 2010.

Why: Because when people dance and go crazy with me, it's the best feeling ever.

Accomplishments: Though I mostly play clubs, I still play a fair amount of house parties because I love them so much. Years ago I played an epic party that left windows, porches, and tables broken. It was a crazy rager and the host was totally stoked about it, even with the outcome.

Connect with DJ Invisiboy:  Facebook | Website


Bombay Pump (El Guincho, Tu Pac, Large Professor Mashup) by DJ Invisiboy

Quiet War (Starslinger, Mobb Deep, Class Actress, Toto, Lloyd Banks, A Trak, Cass) by DJ Invisiboy

Black and Yellow Face (Copy, Wiz Khalifa, Dead Disco) by DJ Invisiboy

MP3: Adele - "Rolling in the Deep" (Kwestro Remix)

I think we can all agree the amount of remixes of Adele's songs may be getting a little old, but this remix is pretty bomb and I had to share. I can't really remember even posting a remix of Adele, maybe one. Anyway, Kwestro is a hip hop music producer based in Austin, Texas. Over the past years he has worked more with ambient and electronic sounds. He is currently working on his debut album  codenamed, A. D. 

 This song was almost scrapped, but he decided to come back and remix it. At first he was going to produce a beat around the song, but instead took out his favorite part: “The scars of your love, remind me of us. They keep me thinking that we almost had it all." Listen and download below.

Connect with Kwestro: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Listen: Sublime with Rome - "Can You Feel It" ft. Wiz Khalifa

Sublime with Rome is gearing up for their brand new album, Yours Truly, due out July 12th. You know at first I was surprised they were working on new material, but what I've hard so far is pretty good. Yes, Rome is no Bradley Nowell, but is doing a good job fronting the band, so moving on. While it is not the exact same Sublime, it is a new twist and it is good to hear the other original members making some quality music. The latest song to surface from the album is called "Can You Feel It" and features Wiz Khalifa. I'd say Wiz fits in just fine with Sublime. Listen below.

Via Stupid Dope


Listen: Charli XCX - "Stay Away"

Charli XCX is a an up-and-coming pop singer in the UK, and like most UK pop stars, her music sounds different from what American pop singers sound like.  Her music is tinged with goth and 80s synth pop influences, but it's still super catchy and poppy.  This is the kind of song I wish we were hearing on the radio in the states.  It does something different, but it's still focused on the most important element of a pop song: the hook.  "Stay Away" has a killer hook.  Check it out below and then try to get it out of your head all day.


MP3: Sound FX - "Forever and a Day"

Continuing our support of the Cali Duo, Sound FX drops another new track called "Forever and a Day." These guys seems to release a new song every other day, but I'm not complaining. Each song they have dropped has continued to impress me and the young emcees should have a nice career ahead of them.

While they are working on their Still Dreaming II project, they are also working on a prelude, which is also called Forever and a Day (told you these guys work hard on their music). The song does not disappoint. Listen and download below.

Connect with Sound FX: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


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