Unsigned Friday: DJ Invisiboy

It is Friday again, and another addition to the Unsigned Friday posts. I actually got a couple emails of artists interested in this section, which is awesome and I promise I am listening to everything. For the latest we have a live-mash up performer from Portland, Oregon. Make sure you check out his website at the end if you dig the music, he has a lot of free tunes.

Who: DJ Invisiboy is Abe Ingle

What: DJ Invisiboy is a "DJ" who makes live mashups using a cool light up touchpad.

Where: Portland, OR

When: DJ Invisiboy began in 2005, when a club owner, asked me to DJ because I'm a crazy dancer. I started on CDs and Vinyl, but switched to all digital live mashups in late 2010.

Why: Because when people dance and go crazy with me, it's the best feeling ever.

Accomplishments: Though I mostly play clubs, I still play a fair amount of house parties because I love them so much. Years ago I played an epic party that left windows, porches, and tables broken. It was a crazy rager and the host was totally stoked about it, even with the outcome.

Connect with DJ Invisiboy:  Facebook | Website


Bombay Pump (El Guincho, Tu Pac, Large Professor Mashup) by DJ Invisiboy

Quiet War (Starslinger, Mobb Deep, Class Actress, Toto, Lloyd Banks, A Trak, Cass) by DJ Invisiboy

Black and Yellow Face (Copy, Wiz Khalifa, Dead Disco) by DJ Invisiboy


Thanks for posting! Keep up the good work!

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