Video/MP3: Mara Hruby - "The Panties" (Mos Def Cover)

I came across this soulful, singer/sonwriter Mara Hruby the other day on Jay Z's Life + Times website (really cool site).  I had never heard of her before and I think the article was kind of like Jay introducing her to a bigger audience.  After watching the video for her song "The Panties", a cover of Mos Def's song, I can see why he would like her music enough to give her support like that.  For one, she can really sing and her voice is very seductive.  Also, the music that backs her up is really well done.

The combination of her voice and the subtle instrumentation behind her makes this one sexy cover; I would definitely say it's even more seductive than the original.  Maybe that's just because Hruby herself is pretty sexy--in a classy way though.  I think she could really be going somewhere with her sound, and I'd like to here an original song by her since her debut EP, From Her Eyes, is all covers.  Watch the video for "The Panties" below, and you can also download Hruby's EP for free here.

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