Wanted: Writers Needed

Well, I decided to write a post looking to see if any of you cool readers want to join us and write some posts. Ideally I'd like someone who can post at least once a day or at least five posts a week.  Typically, the posts don't have to be some crazy long research piece, but good grammar and knowledge is required. The perfect candidate would listen to similar genres as the site posts and likes more than just a particular one. For instance, I'm a fan of indie, hip hop, reggae, rock etc. Now granted I can't pay you, but I think this is a great opportunity for a few reasons. A.) One thing is it gets your writing out to thousands of readers and you have your own work published online. B.) You'll be exposed to tons of new music. C.) You can certainly use this on your resume as something extra you do on the side, I know it is on mine.

I want someone pretty reliable, which I get is hard considering this is all done for nothing. I have had a few writers back out last minute when I passed on others, some who promised to post a lot and did like two a month (they got removed),  a few couldn't grasp the post instructions, and others who generally had no time (understandable). I'm looking to add two maybe three writers. If you are interested, please email osfeditor@gmail.com with "Writer" in the subject line. Just let me know who you are, location, 5 favorite artists/bands, and any other previous experience. Look forward to possibly having you join us!


Definitely a good point about it being good on resumes. I've used it the past few interviews and it really seems to peak employers' interests. And it's one of the funnest things you can do if you love music... in my opinion lol.

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