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MP3: Drake - "Headlines"

The long-awaited first single off Drizzy's sophomore album is finally here (supposedly).  Yes, it hasn't been confirmed, but this new track, "Headlines", certainly seems to be it.  It has its own cover art, as you can see above, and we've all been hearing about how Drake hates singles, so it makes sense that the single is pretty much about that.  Well, it's about doing what you have to to please your fans and critics when your in the kind of position Drake's in.  The track is also much more club/pop-radio-oriented.  Download it below now, before it gets removed (you know it will).  "They know, they know, they know ..."


MP3: "Headlines"
(Click if you want to listen before downloading.)

Video: Asher Roth - "Summertime" ft. Quan

I dropped "Summertime" on here awhile back for people to listen and a few weeks ago Asher posted the video. The song is a perfect summer anthem and certainly is relaxing. Plus, it's Friday and I need to get in chill mode. Roth has been stepping up his game in the past few months and showing he is more than a "frat rap" artist. In the video, he hangs out on the beach and enjoys some sun (I hope he put some extra sunblock on because that boy is pale). The video will make you want to throw a banging BBQ. Pennsylvania represent! Watch below.


MP3: Casey Veggies - "Said She Like Me"

Casey Veggies is a name you'll want to get familiar with, if you aren't already that is. He had connections with the Odd Future gang, and then branched out on his own releasing mixtapes while still in high school. Now, after graduating he is ready start taking on the hip hop industry. While he has a young sounding flow, it will improve over time and he already has a leg up on many. He dropped a new track called "Said She Like Me" produced by C.P. Dubb. The song has a simple mellow beat, but Casey Veggies spits some bars on this. Listen and download below.

Via Hypetrak


MP3: Frank Ocean - "Thinking About You"

Frank Ocean is the shit. Yup, I said it. What else can be said, the R&B crooner has been on everyones radar since he dropped us some free emotional jams a few months ago. He since is been a busy guy, working on an album and getting features with some big names including on the upcoming Watch the Throne album. Big things for Mr. Ocean in the future and he deserves it. He dropped a new tune for us yesterday called "Thinking About You." I'm loving the grooves in this and Ocean hits some high notes, sounding like Prince in some parts. Listen and download below.


Listen: Marissa Nadler - "In Your Lair, Bear"

I picked up Marissa Nadler's new album on a whim.  I was in charming little record store in Pittsburgh and couldn't for the life of me decide what to get, so I decided to pick something that just looked good by its cover.  The cover of Nadler's new self-titled really jumped out at me; you can see it up above.  I had no idea what it was when I picked it out, but once I looked inside and saw who the artist was I remembered that I've heard a lot of good things about her albums.   So I gave it a try, and I'm very glad that I did.

There's been a lot of really great albums so far this year, but I've yet to hear a singer-songwriter album I really enjoyed (you can't really call Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes' new albums singer-songwriter albums).  As soon as the first track of this album started though, I was in love, and I had found my singer-songwriter album.  Listen to the first track, "In Your Lair, Bear" and see what you think of it.

Connect with Marissa Nadler: Blogspot | Bandcamp | TwitterWebsite


MP3: Total Babes - "Be So True"

The Cleveland lo-fi indie band and Cloud Nothings side project Total Babes are sharing another track from their debut album, Swimming Through Sunlight. The album is set to drop August 30th on Old Flame Records and Continental Minds. Once again, they deliver a free MP3 for us called "Be So True."  This band is proving to be more than a side project. Listen and download below.


Listen: Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Big Sean - "Weed Brownies"

When in times wher thou shan’t toke. Grind thee down and eat thy smoke. No need to wonder why or how. Nor question if I’m high right now. My legs feel cool, my speech is slow. My brain is blazed, my eyes are low. Put it in a cookie, put it in a cake. Put ur weed in a brownie and less all get baked :-)   - wiz
And as it was written, so it shall appear as a track from the resident expert on grindology -- both on the streets with his debut album Rolling Papers going gold and in the kitchen apparently with this new track "Weed Brownies".  Having claimed to easily spend 10 stacks on Mary Jane per month, Wiz Khalifa, along side his partners in crime, Curren$y and Big Sean, spit odes to how much more chilled their life is than yours.  The laid-back production by ID Labs as well as the processing of each artist's flow brings visuals of hazy smoke and ... well, whatever else you happen to remember.

The collaboration and recent leaks ("O.T.T.R", "Proceed", "Dot Dot Dot") all point to a mixtape dropping sometime soon which, I have no doubt, will be accompanied by an increase in herb sales.

I am in no way condoning the illegal use of trees but this track makes me want to break some down right about now.  Join me by checking out the track below.  Be right back though, I've got the munchies...


News: Reflecting On Amy Winehouse's Death: Did the digital age of music play a role?

A lot has been said already about the death of Amy Winehouse.  Music websites far and wide have been commenting on her brief, but meaningful musical legacy.  I never really listened to Winehouse's music so I really have nothing to add to the conversation, except to say that I find it very tragic.  However, a friend of mine who identified with Winehouse as a fellow artist, felt particularly moved by her death, and wrote some very inspired words about his thoughts on it.  I decided it might be beneficial to share them with our readers:

I feel that our technological age is responsible, at least in part, for the death, on Friday, of Amy Winehouse.  She released two albums which put her (deservedly) at the top, but there was too much "down time"--time removed from Active, Audible, Applause.  In an age before recording, she would have had to perform more regularly, and this would have sustained her Spirit, as well as instilling a much needed dicipline.  Recordings are great, but a soul cannot be made to fit upon a plastic disk ... It is my belief that such drugs as she took were a substitute for the aforementioned Applause; later, as drugs can and will, they became something else.

These days, between the artist and her audience is The Machine; We live in an age when things are canned.  Artistic performances are, mostly, machine-mediated events.  Ms.Winehouse--who might have been described as "overly authentic"--needed the Tangible and the Immediate.  This is what she gave.  Don't blame her for not being a robot.  When she was finally able to get back on stage, she made a charming geographical error, referring to Belgrade as Athens. As this represents a considerable upgrade, they should have been flattered, or at least put aside nationalism in the face of Art.  Instead, they booed her off.  I notice that the press, in their obituary articles, are finally according Ms.Winehouse the kind of respect they should have been giving her all along.  Of all those making snide remarks, on the internet and elsewhere, about Ms. Winehouse's demise, one thing is certain: her soul was bigger, and deeper, than theirs'.

--Kenyon Gordon (Actor, writer and artist)

What are your thoughts?

Listen: J. Cole ft Trey Songz - "Can't Get Enough"

Mr. Jermaine Cole, better known as J. Cole, comes out with a mid-tempo and slick track featuring the lower-than-usual intonations of Trey Songz.  Simply put, Mr. Steal Yo Girl on the chorus and one of the smartest upcoming artists from ROC, and probably the rap game, on one track about women?
Not much else needs to be said.  It's not confirmed whether this leak appears on Cole's upcoming debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, which drops September 27.  Regardless, it's definitely an album that has been long waited for and I hope will be received with praise.

Connect with J. Cole: Website | Twitter | Facebook


MP3: Neon Indian - "Fallout"

Back in 2009, when the whole chillwave thing was in full swing, Neon Indian was one of the most buzzed about new artists.  He was also one of the few that year to deliver a really good album that lived up to all the hype.  Now, he's got a new one coming out September 13 called Era Extrana, and a new track from it just dropped today.  The new track is pretty much what you'd expect from Alan Palomo (the man behind the project), but I'm interested to see how he might change up his sound on other songs on this upcoming album.  Enter your email address below to get a free download of the track "Fallout".


Listen: Discopolis - Lofty Ambitions (EP)

Some serious buzz is starting to develop about Scottish band Discopolis, especially because the trio is only in their late teens (19 to be exact). They released a 3 track EP called Lofty Ambitions on Scottish label Eli & Oz. They have already played at some big festivals, including Scotland's T in the Park and Wickerman. Their sound is a mix of indie, shoegaze, and electronic. These kids have a bright future ahead of them. Take a listen to the 3 tracks below.

Connect with Discopolis: Facebook | Twitter


Video: Stalley - "Pound"

Stalley is a upcoming rapper that I really been digging a lot. I have been blasting his mixtapes for a few weeks now and I can't get enough. The dude has got a smooth flow and raps about different subjects. He has more to say than the typical rapper. Plus he has probably one of the most epic beards in the game, kind of got that Freeway swag with that facial hair.

"Pound" has a bumpin' beat that always stays in my head. The song is off his latest release, Lincoln Way Nights. Now, Stalley returns and dropped the video for this track. Watch below.


MP3: Clams Casino - "Wizards"

Upcoming experimental producer Clams Casino returns with a track called "Wizards." This song is part of the Adult Swim Singles series, and its cool to see some recognition for this kid. He really came out of nowhere and people are into his fresh beats. This might be one of my favorite beats he has produced so far, it is just so much more unique than anything out there. Clams Casino has got a good thing going for him. Listen and download to "Wizards" below.


Download: Clams Casino - "Wizards"

Download: Hoodie Allen - Leap Year (Mixtape)

Hoodie Allen has certainly been gaining new fans everyday and it is cool to see an artist really have a drive for their music. The New York native is doing some of his best work to date and he is showing just how serious he is about music on his latest mixtape, Leap Year. This past weekend I posted the video and MP3 of "The Chase is On," which was a great way to intro his new tape. Yet, there are plenty of gems on this mixtape so I recommend you download this now.

Download: Hoodie Allen - Leap Year (Mixtape)


Dreams Up by Hoodie Allen

The Chase Is On by Hoodie Allen

MP3: Smoke DZA - "On The Corner" ft. Bun B & Big K.R.I.T.

Woah buddy, Smoke DZA dropping a serious banger for your ears. He teams up with rap royalty Bun B and the upcoming southerner Big K.R.I.T. (who's been a recent favorite of mine). This match up is supreme and works well with the beat. While I'm kind of tired of all the weed type jams, the beat and flows are hard to ignore. Smoke DZA's new project is perfectly titled, Rolling Stoned, and is due to drop August 30, 2011. Check out that artwork too. Listen and download to "On The Corner" below.

Via Hypetrak


Video: Over The Ocean - "Something I Was Not"

Over the Ocean is from Norfolk, Va and came together in 2009. With the help of fans and, they raised enough money to record a full album. They are releasing Paper Tigers today via Spartan Records. I really dig the first single, "Something I Was Not." It has a great blend of indie, rock, and certainly has that cinematic feel. The video is fairly simple, but I like the touch it adds to the song. Watch below, and pick up the album.

Connect with Over The Ocean: Facebook | Twitter


MP3: Blind Willies - "Soon My Work Will Be Over"

Blind Willies began their career covering American Folk songs at San Francisco's School of Arts. The duo would also craft two albums of original material 2007's The Unkindness of Ravens and 2008's Everybody's Looking for a Meal. Yet, to further develop the band, the duo would recruit more to assemble a five piece. The blend of genres these guys create is cool with influences ranging from Jazz, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, and Classical. Their third full length album, Needle, Feather, and a Rope was released this past spring and delivers good music, you can stream and purchase at their Bandcamp (link below). Listen and download to "Soon My Work Will Be Over" below and check them out on a few tour dates if you can.

7.30 Davis, CA @ Sophia's Thai Bar & Kitchen
8.04 Cottage Grove, OR @ Axe and Fiddle
8.05 Corvallis, OR @ Bombs Away Cafe
8.07 Seattle, WA @ Piecora's Back Room
8.11 Tacoma, WA @ The New Frontier Lounge
8.13 Redding, CA @ Maxwell's Downtown Eatery
9.10 Benicia, CA @ Rellik Tavern

Connect with Blind Willies: Bandcamp | Facebook | Website


MP3: Spank Rock - "Energy"

I downloaded this song awhile back and only listened to it once.  It's been sitting, neglected, in my iTunes ever since, until just the other day when I listened to it and was like, "This song fucking rocks."  Spank Rock is a Baltimore rapper and producer who's real name is Naeem Juwan and "Energy" is the first song off his upcoming album with an awesome title, Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar, due out September 27.

This song features a really bad-ass Can sample and it's very catchy.  It's also true to its title as it is filled with energy.  I'm pretty stoked for this album now.  Download and listen to "Energy" below.

Connect with Spank Rock: Website


MP3: "Energy"

MP3: Sound FX - "Spend the Night"

Sound FX keeps returning with solid tracks and seem to not be slowing down anytime soon. That's good though because the music definitely stays relevant. Working on their upcoming project Still Dreaming, they drop another fresh track from the album called "Spend the Night." In the email I got it was mentioned that "Spend The Night" is inspired about the feelings of Lust and the emotions of Love. It is produced by DA, and the cover art was created by Cyriel Klitsie. Listen and download below.


Video: Wakey! Wakey! - "Zebra" (Beach House Cover)

New York's Wakey! Wakey! knows how to create original music, but sometimes paying tribute to other great bands  is just as fun. They were recently in Hamburg and performed a excellent cover of Beach House's "Zebra." You can watch the live performance below.


MP3/Video: Hoodie Allen - "The Chase is On"

Hailing from Long Island, NY ex-Google employee turned rapper Hoodie Allen is preparing to drop his brand new mixtape Leap Year in a few days. Not many people can find themselves in a great job with Google, yet drop it to pursue a career in music. That takes some serious balls and drive to make dreams come true. Yet, luckily Hoodie has got some serious potential to take his hip hop career to the top. He dropped a new song from the mixtape called "The Chase is On" and has a video as well. You can grab the song below and check out the video below. I can hear this song on the radio for sure.


Listen: e-dubble - "Rebuild"

I honestly can't get how e-dubble is not getting national media coverage. This guy does it all with his slick production skills and solid flows. I know I got a few friends into his music, when they first heard the name e-dubble they thought I was joking, but I let the music speak the truth. A few months back he dropped "Changed My Mind" on iTunes and it certainly was another step in a solid direction. Now, with "Rebuild" he is solidifying his place in music, and folks, get on his music before your left behind when his popularity becomes full grown. Listen to "Rebuild" below, the beat will get stuck in your head.

You know this shits fresh, no question mark needed.

Unsigned Friday: T-Ran

Friday once again folks and I'm bringing you another Unsigned Friday artist. This time though I got some hip hop. Usually I have bands for this post, but it is good to have a new mix. After the post you can listen and download to his album for free. Learn a little about T-Ran below.

Who : T-Ran

What: Hip Hop Artist/Rapper Released Second EP titled "Outside The Box: Still Dreaming"

When:  Released new material this summer, achieved 2,000 downloads with no publicity or promotion prior

Where: New up and coming artist from Washington, D.C. (student at Howard University) / East Oakland, California

Why: He's an artist that everyone can relate to, similar sounds to J. Cole, Lupe, but has a distinctive soulful substance.

Biggest Accomplishment So Far: Opening for Rick Ross and Big Sean this past year.

Connect with T-Ran: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Listen: Araabmuzik - "Feelin' So Hood"

I know this post is a little late to the buzz about Araabmuzik's Electronic Dream, but I've been bumpin' this album in my car for the last two weeks.  And just to make sure none of you overlook this one I wanted to share a song with you.  Araabmuzik is the alias of Abraham Orellana who is known for producing heavy-hitting hip-hop beats for artists like Cam'ron and Jadakiss, most of them made entirely on an MPC.  On this album, however, he takes his MPC to some upbeat 90s house tracks, and flips them into instrumental hip-hop tracks that work just fine with no one rapping over them.  These tracks are pretty and bumpin' all at the same time.  It's a cool combination of sounds.  Plus, it's great to listen to on a Friday night.  Listen to the track "Feelin' So Hood" below.

Connect with Araabmuzik: MyspaceTwitter | Wikipedia


MP3: Thick Shakes - "Deep Pockets" & "Gimme Time"

I haven't posted anything from the garage rock band Thick Shakes in awhile. I think the last time I posted something about them was when they dropped Why Buy The Cow 7". They decided to drop two brand new tracks two weeks ago, but I didn't get a chance to post as I was on vacation. The songs are titled "Deep Pockets" and "Gimme Time." Again, Thick Shakes keeps their psychedelic/garage/rock sound intact. Listen and download below, you'll dig these tunes.


Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West - "Otis"

For the die-hard Watch the Throne fan, this will be some-what of a late post.  Regardless, being the brainchild of Jay-Z and Kanye West, two highly respected and extremely talented artists in the hip-hop/rap game (and not to mention richest), the album, rumored to be released on August 1st, has been eagerly anticipated by many.  While we've previously heard the Lex Luger produced track, "H.A.M", Hova and Yeezy decided to treat us with "Otis" to whet our hunger for quality hip hop.

"Otis" features the late and great Otis Redding on the sample, as Jay and Ye gives us an idea of just how rich they feel (and probably are).  With Hov claiming to have "invented swag" and Yeezy bragging about his "other-other benz", you can't help but feel like you're rolling in stacks for the three minutes of the song.  For better or worse, the track has been eagerly awaited and has since made a huge waves in the hip hop community -- and rightly deserved.

Give it a spin below.


Listen: Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed" (Star Slinger Remix)

Remixing songs has become a popular form for some artists/producers to get notice in the industry. England's Star Slinger is one of those who has created some truly great remixes that people love. He adds his own unique touch that creates a complete new song. He has been emerging as a top producer in England and it is easy to see why. Here he remixes another standout artist, Washed Out. Listen to Star Slinger's remix of "Eyes Be Closed" below.


MP3: Girls - "Vomit"

San Fran-based duo Girls, garnered a huge amount of buzz back in '09 with their debut album, Album (so clever), and they also came out with a pretty decent EP last year that topped some year end lists.  Now their sophomore album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, is due out in September, giving us three straight years of Girls releases, which isn't a bad thing.

These guys were introduced with the song "Hellhole Ratrace" which caused me to fall for them in a big way.  Seriously, just listen to this song, everyone should hear it at least once.  The rest of their debut was just as good as that song in my opinion, and has to be one of the most well-produced home-recorded debuts in recent memory.  Anyway, Girls dropped the first track off their new album yesterday and like "Hellhole Ratrace" it's a six-minute-plus song full of romantic yearning and epic compositions.  But, "Vomit" features church organs and a gospel choir rather than shoegaze-y guitars.  Listen and download it below.  Also be careful when googling this song.


MP3: Dom Kennedy - "O.P.M. (Other People's Money)"

West coast rapper Dom Kennedy is mixing it up hard with this latest track called "O.P.M." or "Other's People Money." This is from his album Westside With Love 2, which dropped last week. But, I felt I had to highlight this song. For one, the song is quite funky and has that early 90's west coast bump to it. Yet, it also has a modern R&B chorus, there really isn't a song quite like it out right now.Listen and download below.

Connect with Dom Kennedy: Twitter | Website


Download: Camden - Totally Fine (EP)

I'm still trying to catch up on emails, so some of these posts might be something that caught my eye right away and others I'm getting too, promise all my PR and artist submission folks. Now, I got this email about a band called Camden from Boston, Massachusetts. The band combines indie, rock, pop in one and I really enjoy their latest EP. The short album is titled Totally Fine and is currently free download under their own label Cash To Mouth Records. After you hear the opening track "Mustangs" you should be hooked. Listen and download below.

Connect with Camden: Bandcamp | Website


MP3: Southern Shores - "Bonfire"

I got another free joint from the Nova Scotia duo of Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton. The fresh electronic and dance vibes they create are quite irresistible. Expect more things from Southern Shores in the upcoming months. Their Atlantic EP is now available to purchase. Listen and download to the new track "Bonfire" below.


Listen: Flying Lotus - "Lullaby" & "Heave(n) Mix 2"

Flying Lotus is one of those producers that really are changing the way we hear music. Not only does he experiment with sounds and style, but each song always has a unique touch. This is why Flying Lotus has become adored by many people and fans quickly jump on anything new. The producer has been working hard most of his music career, dropping new tracks and last night he graced Soundcloud with two more. The songs "Lullaby" and "Heave(n) Mix 2" deliver and you'll want to have headphones on to appreciate these beats. Listen below.


Flying Lotus - lullaby by Flyinglotus

Flying lotus - heave (n) mix2 by Flyinglotus

MP3: Gorilla Warfare Tactics - "RewindRhyme"

It has been a minute since I posted some fresh Gorilla Warfare Tactics. These guys from New York have been blowing up the Internet big time, only releasing and recording their first few tracks in 2010 and already have a huge following. Imagine after a year or so with numerous material, these guys will be unstoppable. Their old school vibes and modern lyricism is certainly refreshing, I bump all their stuff non stop. The latest track they dropped is called "RewindRhyme." This has a lighter approach with a piano vibe beat, but it delivers like the other songs. Expect more to come in the next few weeks.


Video: Foster the People - "Helena Beat"

Indie poppers Foster the People has really started gaining momentum this past year thanks to their popular "Pumped Up Kicks" single (although that song is over a year old). It took some time, but it caught on. Following that popular track they made sure to drop a video for the song "Helena Beat." Again, it delivers the same catchy feel that "Pumped Up Kicks" has and is perfect timing for summer. The video is a little wild and silly, but it will keep your attention. Watch below.


MP3: Sound FX - "When I Die"

You already know by now that the Cali duo Sound FX delivers the goods. With numerous tracks and their full EP I've posted, I'm sure you get a feel that these young west coast kids got the talent and drive to make some serious noise in hip hop. For as young as they are they sound like they have been in the game for a few years, better than most mainstream artists out today. The newest single they dropped is called "When I Die." The beat as a repeating sample and a quiet piano in the background. The beat is simple, but it makes you focus on the passion behind the words. This is a true worthy jam to download.


Listen: M83 - "Midnight City"

A few weeks ago Anthony Gonzalez, the man behind the much-loved M83 electro-pop project, announced that his new album is coming soon by posting one of the most epic minute-long videos I've seen.  Today he's dropped the first track from the upcoming double-album, titled Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (the title was also announced today along with the release date, October 18), and it's called "Midnight City".  It's the second track on the album and it's a pretty epic pop song.  This guy really knows how to make some huge sounds with synths, beats, and his own voice (there's also some sax thrown in at the end for good measure).  Go to M83's website to listen to and download the new track by giving your email or sending a tweet or Facebook post.  Below you can listen to an old M83 track for a little bonus.



Download: Little Star Dweller - Catch A Killer (EP)

Sometimes I get some eccentric type of music within my email, not that is always a bad thing. Occasionally the music is a cool blend that works well, case in point with Little Star Dweller and the act's latest EP Catch A Killer. The Brooklyn music act can probably best be described as electro, but you'll hear all sorts of genres blended together. You'll get elements of hip hop, indie, psychedelic, rock, and dance. This EP is certainly different from most music out there and it's free. Listen and download below.

Connect with Little Star Dweller: Facebook | Twitter


MP3: Dave Raps - "Cognac Shades"

I've posted some of Dave Raps music before and people definitely dig the smooth flow that he has. In what seems to be the new tradition of releasing songs, Dave Raps is dropping 30 songs in 30 days. That is a lot of music to share for free, but this will certainly draw people in. For the first song he drops "Cognac Shades." The beat is a crisp banger and Dave Raps keeps the rhymes going, this is a good song to start the series. Expect more tracks to drop soon. #DaveDaze


Video: Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed"

I've been listening to Washed Out's new album, Within And Without, a lot lately, mostly because it just goes so well with this perfect summer weather we're getting in PA right now.  The album dropped last week, to a decent amount of critical praise, and now a new video has been unveiled for "Eyes Be Closed", the opening track.  It features a pretty cute girl on a very strange motorcycle ride.  The video fits the ridiculously blissful vibe of the track pretty well, and like the track, it's also a little trippy.  Watch it below.


MP3: Dom Kennedy - "Hennessy Beach" ft. Curren$y

West Coast rapper Dom Kennedy dropped a previously unreleased track called "Hennessy Beach" over twitter. The song features Curren$y, which is always a good addition. The track is laid back and perfect for some summer cruising in the whip. The song is most likely a leftover from Westside With Love 2 album. Listen and download below.


Video: The Kooks - "Is It Me"

After a brief break from music (about 3 years) The Kooks return as they anticipate the release of a brand new album called Junk of the Heart. While they are gearing up for that album, the indie-rock group dropped a new video for the track "Is It Me."  The video features stop-motion effects, which are a nice touch. The album is scheduled to drop on September 12th. Watch the video for "Is It Me" below.


MP3: Dam-Funk - "We Should Kill All Azzholez (Unreleased)

The modern master of funk, Dam-Funk has been consistently releasing material of demos and other such music that is available to download. Again, he returns and drops a new unreleased track called "We Should Kill All Azzholez." Dam-Funk brings the funk hard once again and this is another perfect jam for summer. This artist has a busy schedule with a summer/fall tour, new EP in the works, and a album coming out next year. Listen and download below.

Via Hypetrak


Tour dates:
Jul 14: Dam-Funk & Steve Arrington - Miami, FL, The Electric Pickle
Jul 21: Los Angeles, CA Solo Set @ Freak City w/ Coathangers, Nocando + Salva
Jul 23: Boston, MA DJ Set @ Fresh Produce Five Year Anniversary Party @ Good Life
Jul 30: Ottawa, Canada Solo Set @ Ritual Nightclub
Jul 30: Montreal, QC Solo Set @ Osheaga Music Festival
Aug 26: Pasadena, CA @ The Terrace
Aug 28: Long Beach, CA @ Alex's Bar
Aug 30: Visalia, CA @ The Cellar Door
Aug 31: Oakland, CA @ The New Parish
Sep 1: Arcata, CA @ Humboldt State University @ The Depot
Sep 4: Seattle, WA DåM-FunK + Master Blater @ Bumbershoot
Sep 4: Seattle, WA DJ Set @ Exhibition Hall w/ Flying Lotus + Four Tet
Sep 5: Bellingham, WA @ Wild Buffalo
Sep 8: Vancouver @ Bar None
Sep 10: Portland, OR @ MusicFestNW

Video: Jhene Aiko - "Stranger"

We finally have a visual treatment of the song "Stranger", featuring none other than the GORGEOUS Jhene Aiko. When her mixtape, Sailing Souls, dropped earlier this year (which you can download here) it was automatically set on repeat. Her breathy vocals and ability to tell the truth straight up was perfect for the emotional rollercoaster that is Sailing Souls.

With this video, Jhene gives us a glimpse into her mind and what she was thinking when she wrote "Stranger". And I mean, it can't hurt to spend the next couple minutes looking at eye-candy right?

Connect with Jhene Aiko: Website | Twitter | Tumblr


Here's Jhene's take on "Marvin's Room", originally by Drake and now covered, remixed, chopped and screwed, and who knows what else by now by everyone -- even JoJo. Real talk, I think JoJo's cover is actually replay button worthy. Let the griefing begin.

Listen: Pusha T ft. Tyler, the Creator - "Trouble On My Mind"

Time for some math!

What do you get when you add 1/2 of a legendary hip/hop powerhouse, the leader of an eclectic grouping of fresh young rappers, and a duo that has proven themselves to be among the world's top producers?

A grimey as fuck track.

"Trouble On My Mind" was released without Pusha T's knowledge according to his twitter. Despite that, the track is beyond dope. Pusha T, one-half of the historic rap duo Clipse, goes hard on this track. Tyler, the Creator, himself having risen to fame with Odd Future's recent success and his own debut album, just does what he has always done and, in doing so, gives further depth to the track -- a tribute to his talents considering being on the same track with a proven lyrical heavy-hitter. The strange collaboration meshes extremely well on top of production by The Neptunes.

"Trouble On My Mind" is set to appear on Pusha T's Fear of God 2 mixtape, which will hit the world on August 23rd. This is one drop you will not want to sleep on.

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Listen: Jai Paul - "BTSTU (Edit)"

By this point everyone and their mom has probably heard Drake's new track "Dreams Money Can Buy", which is good because that track is excellent.  But, I don't think a lot who have heard it realize that the sample it uses (that guy singing "don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me") is actually from another song.  I didn't know it either until I recently stumbled upon it ... on StumbleUpon actually.  Turns out that song, called "BTSTU (Edit)" by London singer-songwriter Jai Paul, is my new favorite song now.

"BTSTU (Edit)" has Paul singing that awesome "don't fuck with me" verse over a very off-kilter, playful beat.  On the chorus he sings "I know I've been gone a long time, but I'm back and I want what is mine" while these crazy harsh synths come in and his voice gets a little more robotic.  The whole song continues to build up with glitchy samples, getting bigger and bigger, while every time it goes back to the verse everything drops out into silence.  It's a very unique and fun pop song.  There's a lot of personality in it, and Paul seems to have an interesting personality in general (on his MySpace he has a bunch of fake bad reviews of his song calling it "not entirely shit" and so forth).   Check out "BTSTU (Edit)" below.

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  Jai Paul - BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul

Video: ASAP Rocky - "Purple Swag"

I honestly never thought I would be writing a post about a song with "Swag" in the title, but here we are.  Anyway, this song isn't exactly life changing; it's about as corny as every other song you can think of where someone says "swag, swag, swag".  The thing about those kinds of songs by artists like Lil B and Soulja Boy, they're sometimes so ridiculous they border on surreal.

This song by Harlem-based rapper ASAP Rocky is just plain surreal, from beginning to end.  And so is the video which features a blonde chick with a grill mouthing  the hook.  At about a minute thirty the song itself starts tripping balls and, consequently, so do you.  I'm pretty sure if you listened to this really, really high it would be your favorite song of all time.  Honestly though, production-wise, this song sounds awesome.  It almost sounds like it was produced by whoever produces The Weeknd.  So basically, I'm half making fun of it and half genuinely liking it.  What do you think?   Check it out below.


Listen: The American Scene - By Way of Introduction (Album Stream)

I've always been a sucker for some good pop/punk/rock, granted the scene certainly got crowded with bands imitating others. Let's say the originality was depleting during the early 2000's. Yet, there are still some quality bands that make pop/punk music and California's The American Scene is one of them. With melodies similar to Jimmy Eat World and their crafty songwriting, The America Scene is sure to be a part of new upcoming bands with talent. The band dropped their debut album called By Way of Introduction in March featuring 9 solid tracks. Listen to the album below and make sure to pick up a copy if you dig.

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