Listen: Jai Paul - "BTSTU (Edit)"

By this point everyone and their mom has probably heard Drake's new track "Dreams Money Can Buy", which is good because that track is excellent.  But, I don't think a lot who have heard it realize that the sample it uses (that guy singing "don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me") is actually from another song.  I didn't know it either until I recently stumbled upon it ... on StumbleUpon actually.  Turns out that song, called "BTSTU (Edit)" by London singer-songwriter Jai Paul, is my new favorite song now.

"BTSTU (Edit)" has Paul singing that awesome "don't fuck with me" verse over a very off-kilter, playful beat.  On the chorus he sings "I know I've been gone a long time, but I'm back and I want what is mine" while these crazy harsh synths come in and his voice gets a little more robotic.  The whole song continues to build up with glitchy samples, getting bigger and bigger, while every time it goes back to the verse everything drops out into silence.  It's a very unique and fun pop song.  There's a lot of personality in it, and Paul seems to have an interesting personality in general (on his MySpace he has a bunch of fake bad reviews of his song calling it "not entirely shit" and so forth).   Check out "BTSTU (Edit)" below.

Connect with Jai Paul: MySpace | Soundcloud


  Jai Paul - BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul


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