Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West - "Otis"

For the die-hard Watch the Throne fan, this will be some-what of a late post.  Regardless, being the brainchild of Jay-Z and Kanye West, two highly respected and extremely talented artists in the hip-hop/rap game (and not to mention richest), the album, rumored to be released on August 1st, has been eagerly anticipated by many.  While we've previously heard the Lex Luger produced track, "H.A.M", Hova and Yeezy decided to treat us with "Otis" to whet our hunger for quality hip hop.

"Otis" features the late and great Otis Redding on the sample, as Jay and Ye gives us an idea of just how rich they feel (and probably are).  With Hov claiming to have "invented swag" and Yeezy bragging about his "other-other benz", you can't help but feel like you're rolling in stacks for the three minutes of the song.  For better or worse, the track has been eagerly awaited and has since made a huge waves in the hip hop community -- and rightly deserved.

Give it a spin below.



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