Listen: M83 - "Midnight City"

A few weeks ago Anthony Gonzalez, the man behind the much-loved M83 electro-pop project, announced that his new album is coming soon by posting one of the most epic minute-long videos I've seen.  Today he's dropped the first track from the upcoming double-album, titled Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (the title was also announced today along with the release date, October 18), and it's called "Midnight City".  It's the second track on the album and it's a pretty epic pop song.  This guy really knows how to make some huge sounds with synths, beats, and his own voice (there's also some sax thrown in at the end for good measure).  Go to M83's website to listen to and download the new track by giving your email or sending a tweet or Facebook post.  Below you can listen to an old M83 track for a little bonus.




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