Listen: Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Big Sean - "Weed Brownies"

When in times wher thou shan’t toke. Grind thee down and eat thy smoke. No need to wonder why or how. Nor question if I’m high right now. My legs feel cool, my speech is slow. My brain is blazed, my eyes are low. Put it in a cookie, put it in a cake. Put ur weed in a brownie and less all get baked :-)   - wiz
And as it was written, so it shall appear as a track from the resident expert on grindology -- both on the streets with his debut album Rolling Papers going gold and in the kitchen apparently with this new track "Weed Brownies".  Having claimed to easily spend 10 stacks on Mary Jane per month, Wiz Khalifa, along side his partners in crime, Curren$y and Big Sean, spit odes to how much more chilled their life is than yours.  The laid-back production by ID Labs as well as the processing of each artist's flow brings visuals of hazy smoke and ... well, whatever else you happen to remember.

The collaboration and recent leaks ("O.T.T.R", "Proceed", "Dot Dot Dot") all point to a mixtape dropping sometime soon which, I have no doubt, will be accompanied by an increase in herb sales.

I am in no way condoning the illegal use of trees but this track makes me want to break some down right about now.  Join me by checking out the track below.  Be right back though, I've got the munchies...



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