MP3: Girls - "Vomit"

San Fran-based duo Girls, garnered a huge amount of buzz back in '09 with their debut album, Album (so clever), and they also came out with a pretty decent EP last year that topped some year end lists.  Now their sophomore album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, is due out in September, giving us three straight years of Girls releases, which isn't a bad thing.

These guys were introduced with the song "Hellhole Ratrace" which caused me to fall for them in a big way.  Seriously, just listen to this song, everyone should hear it at least once.  The rest of their debut was just as good as that song in my opinion, and has to be one of the most well-produced home-recorded debuts in recent memory.  Anyway, Girls dropped the first track off their new album yesterday and like "Hellhole Ratrace" it's a six-minute-plus song full of romantic yearning and epic compositions.  But, "Vomit" features church organs and a gospel choir rather than shoegaze-y guitars.  Listen and download it below.  Also be careful when googling this song.



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