News: Reflecting On Amy Winehouse's Death: Did the digital age of music play a role?

A lot has been said already about the death of Amy Winehouse.  Music websites far and wide have been commenting on her brief, but meaningful musical legacy.  I never really listened to Winehouse's music so I really have nothing to add to the conversation, except to say that I find it very tragic.  However, a friend of mine who identified with Winehouse as a fellow artist, felt particularly moved by her death, and wrote some very inspired words about his thoughts on it.  I decided it might be beneficial to share them with our readers:

I feel that our technological age is responsible, at least in part, for the death, on Friday, of Amy Winehouse.  She released two albums which put her (deservedly) at the top, but there was too much "down time"--time removed from Active, Audible, Applause.  In an age before recording, she would have had to perform more regularly, and this would have sustained her Spirit, as well as instilling a much needed dicipline.  Recordings are great, but a soul cannot be made to fit upon a plastic disk ... It is my belief that such drugs as she took were a substitute for the aforementioned Applause; later, as drugs can and will, they became something else.

These days, between the artist and her audience is The Machine; We live in an age when things are canned.  Artistic performances are, mostly, machine-mediated events.  Ms.Winehouse--who might have been described as "overly authentic"--needed the Tangible and the Immediate.  This is what she gave.  Don't blame her for not being a robot.  When she was finally able to get back on stage, she made a charming geographical error, referring to Belgrade as Athens. As this represents a considerable upgrade, they should have been flattered, or at least put aside nationalism in the face of Art.  Instead, they booed her off.  I notice that the press, in their obituary articles, are finally according Ms.Winehouse the kind of respect they should have been giving her all along.  Of all those making snide remarks, on the internet and elsewhere, about Ms. Winehouse's demise, one thing is certain: her soul was bigger, and deeper, than theirs'.

--Kenyon Gordon (Actor, writer and artist)

What are your thoughts?


Here is an online memorial to Amy - feel free to light a virtual candle or send virtual flowers:

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