Video: ASAP Rocky - "Purple Swag"

I honestly never thought I would be writing a post about a song with "Swag" in the title, but here we are.  Anyway, this song isn't exactly life changing; it's about as corny as every other song you can think of where someone says "swag, swag, swag".  The thing about those kinds of songs by artists like Lil B and Soulja Boy, they're sometimes so ridiculous they border on surreal.

This song by Harlem-based rapper ASAP Rocky is just plain surreal, from beginning to end.  And so is the video which features a blonde chick with a grill mouthing  the hook.  At about a minute thirty the song itself starts tripping balls and, consequently, so do you.  I'm pretty sure if you listened to this really, really high it would be your favorite song of all time.  Honestly though, production-wise, this song sounds awesome.  It almost sounds like it was produced by whoever produces The Weeknd.  So basically, I'm half making fun of it and half genuinely liking it.  What do you think?   Check it out below.



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