Video: Jhene Aiko - "Stranger"

We finally have a visual treatment of the song "Stranger", featuring none other than the GORGEOUS Jhene Aiko. When her mixtape, Sailing Souls, dropped earlier this year (which you can download here) it was automatically set on repeat. Her breathy vocals and ability to tell the truth straight up was perfect for the emotional rollercoaster that is Sailing Souls.

With this video, Jhene gives us a glimpse into her mind and what she was thinking when she wrote "Stranger". And I mean, it can't hurt to spend the next couple minutes looking at eye-candy right?

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Here's Jhene's take on "Marvin's Room", originally by Drake and now covered, remixed, chopped and screwed, and who knows what else by now by everyone -- even JoJo. Real talk, I think JoJo's cover is actually replay button worthy. Let the griefing begin.


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