Download: Bonfire John and The Majestic Springs Band - Gather Round (EP)

You know, I'm usually slightly skeptical when it comes to really long band names or goofy names. With this band, the name is very long, but I try not to dismiss bands based on those qualities. With Bonfire John and The Majestic Springs Band, I'm glad I gave the music a shot. This is a new project from Tree Machine Records. It started as a solo project for Owen Yonce, but would add more members to complete the band. The music is a soothing mix of indie, pop, with folk sprinkled on top for good measure.

They released this new EP called Gather Round, that is completely free to download. Also, after listening to "Gather Round (Alternate Take)" I thought of Modest Mouse, which is a good thing. Pretty cool EP.  Listen and get a copy below.

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They have a pretty good album too

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