Listen: James Blake & Bon Iver - "Fall Creek Boys Choir"

Honestly, I'm not big fan either James Blake or Bon Iver. I do like Bon Iver, just not in love with the guy like so many people. James Blake I can respect, but its not for me. Yet, I had to share the collaboration because it certainly seemed pretty unexpected when it was announced. It also got a lot of people excited, even I was curious to what it would sound like. The first song dropped is called "Fall Creek Boys Choir," and it's kind of weird. I mean it is mellow and quite soothing, but yeah doesn't do nothing for me. What do you guys think? Listen below.



I'd say it sounds like they found a good mix between their 2 sounds, and since I like both, I enjoyed it. But, if you don't like either one of them it's not gonna be for you. Why doesn't anyone ever comment haha??

Most people don't, haha idc. But yeah idk, this song is kinda out there for me lol

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