Listen: Lil' Wayne "She Will" ft. Drake, Rick Ross

She just started to pop it for a n**** and look back and told me baby it's real

 With only a pair of weeks to go before the release of Tha Carter IV (August 29), Weezy's already had a quarter of his upcoming album leaked/released with "John", "How To Love", and "6 Foot 7 Foot" having a ridiculous amount of mainstream play and being club certified (Yes, I've heard "How To Love" played at the club).  And even still, Lil Wayne is still making another song available in the form of "She Will".

Produced by T-Minus, the track is grimy and whip certified.  Drake rocks a catchy hook and Weezy is solid but not extraordinary -- while there are a couple of lines sprinkled here and there that made me grin, Lil Wayne wasn't as impressive (at least on this track) as I had hoped for.  Regardless, the track as a whole had my head nodding from the start.

With "Watch The Throne" hype now at ease with its recent release, I've cast the same exact excitement to Weezy's and Drizzy's upcoming collaboration album after "Tha Carter IV" and "Take Care", respectively, have released.  With both artists able to record such versatile songs (and hopefully no features from some of YMCMB's lesser-known contributors), the album will be a veritable success given both artists' huge fan-base as is.

Interesting to note is that despite the huge success with previous YMCMB/MMG collaborations, Officer Ricky's verse was cut-out from the final album version.  I've chosen to include Rick Ross's remix/original version cause his rough flow complements this track so well and lyrically, he's in rare form.  Also, to tell the truth, Rozay's UGGHH is thoroughly amusing to me.  Catch the track below.



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