Listen: Thundercat - Golden Age Of The Apocalypse (Full Album Stream)

I posted a couple songs from bassist Stephen Bruner, better known as Thundercat, a month or so ago and since then, I've come to enjoy this guy's music a lot more.  Thundercat has recently become more popular due to his collaborations with Flying Lotus, and I think his debut (which is produced by FlyLo) is going to give him the kind of status that FlyLo has in electronic and experimental music.  This is some classy, jazzy music either way though.  The whole thing is streaming now via Hype Machine.  Listen to it below or by clicking the link.

1. HooooooO
2. Daylight
3. Fleer Ultra
4. Is It Love?
5. For Love I Come
6. It Really Doesn't Matter To You
7. Jamboree
8. Boat Cruise
9. Seasons
10. Golden Boy
11. Walkin'
12. Mystery Machine (The Golden Age Of The Apocalypse)
13. Return To The Journey



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