MP3: Crizzly & Kids At The Bar - "Like Dat"

I've been given free reign to post some Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that has been fuming on my brains for a while now (Thanks Todd!).  For that graciousness, I shall grace the masses with a ridiculous dubstep track that is playing right now and making it very hard to type with my limbs wanting to flail.

We've got Crizzly and Kids At The Bar collaborating to come up with a track called "Like Dat" that features ear-shattering synths (just the way I like it) and a bass that makes my insides pop.  What's more, these geniuses also feature part of Skee Lo's classic "I Wish" from ages ago!  I look forward to hearing this on a sound system that makes my internal organs shake from mediocre songs.


Crizzly + Kids At The Bar - Like Dat **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Crizzly


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