Unsigned Friday: The Coasts

Another Friday another addition to the Unsigned Friday posts. I don't think I have had a submission that was straight up rock n'roll, but The Coasts have changed that. They have a great sound, kind of mixing modern rock with the classic styles heard in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Some good stuff. Learn a little about The Coasts below.

Who: The Coasts (Ike Peters & Eric Mount)

What: Rock N Roll

Where: Little Rock, AR/Lebanon, OH

When: Started in February, album released on August 1

Why: Because we have a cool tiger on the cover of our record AND we think our songs are fun.

Biggest Moment: Being a part of Paper Garden Records' Lovely Hearts Club

Something Funny: "Did you hear about the blind prostitute? Well, you had to hand it to her."

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