Download: Dave Melillo - Thinking of You (Mixtape)

Dave Melillo was the former bassist for Cute is What We Aim For, and he dropped a free mixtape or album basically, yesterday. The musician is known for his more acoustic, pop, and piano driven music, which I always dig. Many more artists of different genres have been going down the path of free music, and I think fans appreciate it and will be in full support when there is music to buy. Check out the track list for Thinking of You and download the free album

Download: Dave Melillo - Thinking of You


1. Role Player
2. Blood
3. Thinking Of You
4. Cut Me Loose
5. Chump
6. Know It All
7. Give Me Something
8. Better Man
9. Same Sad Song
10. All2U
11. Future Focused
12. I Wonder If We Can Just Be Friends?
13. Last Love Song


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