Ground Up - "Boulevard"

If there is any hip hop group out there that is on their music grind, Philly's Ground Up would be at the top. These cats drop a mixtape and then they are already working on new stuff. While they work on music fast, they also create tunes that are high quality. None of that Lil' B shit here folks. This new song called "Boulevard" is quite laid back, but retains that Ground Up fun we are used to hearing. Their new project Romantic Comedy is dropping November 29th.

"Romantic Comedy is a cool mini-mixtape we put together to hold fans over until our next major project, "The Get Up." It'll end up being about five or so songs, all with a common topic, women. Women are just one of our biggest inspirations. We thought it'd be cool to make something they might appreciate a little more. Nonetheless it's great music that we're proud of. "



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