Interview: Jason Grishkoff of Indie Shuffle

Why did you decide to create a music blog? And when did it first launch?
Like many music bloggers, I was one of those kids sharing new bands with their friends. I went from migrated from word-of-mouth to emails, and finally to a music blog in early 2009. Our official "launch" of Indie Shuffle was in July of that year, though I'd been playing around with Google sites beforehand.

Where did the name Indie Shuffle come from?
I'd narrowed it down to two choices: IndieScovery (a play on 'discovery') or Indie Shuffle (the latter was thrown out by one of my friends as an idea). To that point, I actually brainstormed quite a few names -- even asking friends to help -- and this was the one I landed on.

Did you create the logo and website, or did you have a team to help?
The logo was actually created by my friend Jason Suwito who now runs Noise Coalition. He threw it together pretty quickly, and I can only assume he wasn't anticipating it to be as widely seen as it is now! As for the website, it was all me at the start. I began with WordPress and hacked the holy hell out of it. The site back then was quite different to today's latest iteration!

Is Indie Shuffle your main gig, or do you have another job as well?
I wish! While the opportunity is actually there already, I work full-time at Google up in the Bay Area. No need to quit that now, as I can balance both!

Since the creation of your site, what were some of the things you learned about music blogging?
Boy, this is a loaded question. If I were to summarize: 1) I've learned a few web design languages; 2) I've learned to manage multiple advertising campaigns; 3) I've managed to build up a company -- and everything that comes with it [employees, taxes, etc.]; 4) I've learned that there is way too much music out there for me to ever know it all. If you want more, you'll have to pay consulting fees ;-)

What is your favorite genre of music?
Right now, really feeling the minimal electronica/chillout sounds. This collection of songs perfectly embodies that: Electronic Lullabies to Free Your Mind.

How do you chose which music to have featured on the site?
Depends on what's hot that day. We don't plan things out too far in advance. That's not the way the blogosphere works on this one. Artists release songs the day of, and we try to hunt them down and post them within a 72-hour window (typically song of the day is withing a 6-hour window). As far as genres, we have very few boundaries (pop, reggae and gangsta rap tend to not get much attention).

How many active contributors does indie shuffle have?
Tough question! If we were to define active many post in a given month? I'd say about 20. We're doing 4-7 posts a day at this point, each from a different contributor. If you check out our staff page, we've got 10 senior staff writers, then Hannah (Editor-in-Chief) and myself. All of us have over 50 posts (and in my case, somewhere near 900?).

What advice would you give to new bloggers looking to start their own music site?
Don't get into it for fame or glory. You're not going to make millions up front. But, if you want to succeed, I think there's one easy answer: persistence. And by that I mean post every. single. day. Without fail. And don't be disheartened when the results don't come immediately, because they will.

Do you have any changes or updates in the future for indie shuffle? Maybe design wise, new features, expanded genres, etc?
Well, we just rolled out a redesign last week that has a completely overhauled design and expanded genres. So that answers that portion. Once we're doing cleaning the bugs...Next up: seemless Soundcloud integration, mobile apps, favoriting, popular list...really the list is endless.

What's been the coolest aspect of running and writing your site since it went live?
I never have an excuse for being bored :-)

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