MP3: Drake - "Hate Sleeping Alone"

So I'm really enjoying Drake's new album Take Care, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  I'm really impressed with pretty much everything that Drizzy's made this year and I'm glad that his album has lived up to all the hype surrounding it, for me at least.  I was really worried when he was releasing (what seemed like) a new track every week that what was left to be heard on the album wouldn't be that good.  But, as it turns out, he was saving all the best tracks for the release.  I actually didn't think it was possible for anything to top those leaked tracks, but I was so wrong.  Anyway, the iTunes version of the album has two bonus tracks: "The Motto" (ft. Lil Wayne) and "Hate Sleeping Alone".  Everyone's heard "The Motto" by now and it's not hard to find online, but "Hate Sleeping Alone" may be the one track that didn't leak in some form and the only way you're gonna get to hear it is by buying Take Care on iTunes, that is until just recently.  This second to last bonus track has leaked now, and we've got the download for you.  Listen and download "Hate Sleeping Alone" below.


MP3: "Hate Sleeping Alone"


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