Totally A Year Old: My Music Blogging Experience

How could I forgot this blogs birthday? I feel like a uncaring ass for not even recognizing the fact that I have been doing this for a year and actually stuck to it. Trust me, there have been a few times I was ready to throw in the towel, or the computer if you will. There have been so many up and downs with this blog, but at the end of the day I love sharing music, even if only a couple hundred people are reading. It's satisfying enough. Anyway, I believe I started this November 6, 2010 with the idea of sharing the music that I love. Not realizing, there are a million other blogs doing just that, and might I say doing it a lot better. At first, I really wanted to get noticed, I mean how was I to stand out among the crowd of thousands of music blogs? But I've seen many others rapidly spit out posts to quit a month later. I for one will keep soldiering on.

Over this past year, I've learned a lot about music blogging and how people run there sites. I've talked to numerous cool people running amazing sites. Some that come to mind in my beginning stages are Listen Before You Buy, This Bonus Track, Mostly Junkfood, Pigeons & Planes, Tympanogram and tons more. But, I've also come across the ones who seem to always been in competition and racing to post the latest track. I'd rather be a part of a giant community of people who love music and want to share with others, than labeling anyone competition. I admit, I kind of hate when 10 blogs post the same song in a span of 10 minutes, but there is always bound to be overlap - I'm guilty of it too. But its the ones who clearly are the very similar in style and always post the same genres. It doesn't mean blogs can't have similar taste, I just mean the ones that clearly watch each other and go back and forth. That's why I tried to make my music focus more broad ranging from hip hop, rock, indie, reggae, pop, etc., instead of a more direct focus of one or two genres. Maybe that works against me since I don't have a central theme, but I like so many genres its hard not too focus on that.

There has been plenty of frustration among my site, especially when you see some sites (won't name them) with 20k+ Facebook followers and getting millions of hits a month on the same corny remix, mashup, or lame frat rap song. I mean it is great you found that niche, but sometimes I felt like, damn why can't I see some success like that? It was slightly discouraging, but I would never hate on those sites, unless their sole purpose is for hits, which there certainly are those type. Some blogs you can tell have an attitude about them, and those are the ones I stay away from and never sought to reach out to. But as I've said before, there are plenty of easy going bloggers out there willing to share their insight. I really appreciate those guys that I mentioned before and others that I might of missed. I learned a lot and certainly shifted my attitude about things in the blogging community. I hope to work with more of the music bloggers out there and slowly build my readership, but for now I'll continue to write daily posts of music I enjoy.

All the PR people and daily readers I want to thank you for just taking the time to ACTUALLY read the blog and submit music. I'd like to do some longer posts similar to this or music related occasionally as well. It's just hard considering I have a full-time job and other commitments outside of this. I also want to thank Dan, who has been a writer with me since almost day one and the past contributors as well. I hope you guys will continue visiting and encourage your friends to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Deuces.


Congrats on the one-year! Been following your site for a while and can't wait to see how it grows in the following months/years/whatever.

Thanks man, appreciate it!

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