Unsigned Friday: The Specktators

Who:  They are The Specktators.  Their name is a play off of the neighborhood we group up in located in Lansing, MI.  They consist of two brothers, Moe-T and Packi.  Packi writes and raps all of our songs while Moe-T produces, records, mixes, and masters them.

What:  They produce hip-hop music with a little electronic influence.  They are best known for their quality music, which is produced all in-house, along with their excellent hip-hop shows.

Where:  The Specktators are originally from Lansing, MI but have recently moved to East Lansing, MI to attend Michigan State University where they have put on many fantastic shows at campus bars and house-parties.

When:  The Specktators became a group in October of 2009.  They have released their most resent project on October 28, 2011 entitled "Familiar With Floss."  In addition, they released their first music video called "EL Girls" a week later which has been a local hit at Michigan State.

Why:  The Specktators have always shared a love for hip-hop music.  The two brothers love to create music together and love to share their music with all of their friends and fans.

Biggest Accomplishment:  The Specktators were the first hip-hop band in 3 years to overcome typical hip-hop stereotypes and form a monthly hip-hop show in downtown East Lansing on Michigan State's Campus at a local bar.

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