Video: Das Racist on Conan

If you've listened to anything from Brooklyn-based, Pitchfork-loved rap trio Das Racist, you know that you can't deny these guys have skill on the mic.  While most of their songs tend to be on the jokey side, their skill should be taken seriously.  As it turns out they can put on a pretty good live show too.  The group made their TV debut on Conan (nothing but love for that show) last night performing their single "Michael Jackson" and it was very entertaining and unique.  They performed with a live drummer, two girl slamming on cymbals and Dap used a mic with a voice modifier to replicate the song really nicely.  After Heems and Victor Vasquez did their respective verses, Victor pulled off his oversize tee to reveal a Nirvana shirt and proceeded to tear up the drums like he was Dave Grohl.  Good stuff.  Watch the video below.  Oh, and did I mention the MJ impersonator?



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