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Video: Blu & Exile - "So(ul) Amazin"

Blu is a hip hop artist who can do no wrong. His lyrical content is pretty superior to the majority of rappers, but for some reason he is relatively low key. Based on a lot of discussions and reading on other sites, I sort of get the feeling Blu really doesn't want to be insanely well known. He certainly had the opportunity when he was getting a lot of hype a few years back. But I really do not know his intentions, just that he is a fresh ass emcee.

Below The Heavens was a great album that was a collaboration with producer Exile. The album came out in 2007, but is still a ridiculously good listen. "So(ul) Amazin" is one fine single and also had the video treatment.

Scienze - When Skies Fall (Album)

I posted the Brooklyn based emcee ScienZe in the past, but it has been a few months since I shared his tunes. While browsing Pigeons and Planes, I was reminded of his recent album from November that I never posted. So here it is. When Skies Fall came out back in mid November, but this is an album that will stay classic. ScienZe grinds hard with his music and has some crazy rhymes on top notch production. This is that type of hip hop you have no choice by to feel and listen to. These jams will help you ring in the new year tonight. Listen to the album below and pick up a copy.


Conveyor - "Mukraker"

It truly amazes me on a day to day basis having this blog on the amount of pure, sometimes unnoticed talent there is in music. Brooklyn based band Conveyor fit that mold. They released a nice EP called Sun Ray earlier this year, which you can pickup on their bandcamp page for free. Now they are back with a brand new single called "Mukraker," which will be on their upcoming album that they are currently recording. As mentioned in the email: "It is about to be pressed on a clear 7" record, with the b-side by ILLUMINATOR, our neighbors here in Brooklyn."

Listen and download to "Mukraker" below and make sure to check out their social networks.

Connect with Conveyor: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Unsigned Friday: Jeu Green

Got a few more submissions for the Unsigned Friday posts, so I think I'll continue to do these every Friday. I was actually thinking about scrapping the idea, but I still feel this gives other artists/bands a chance to at least get some more notice. This week is an upcoming rapper from the Boston area.

Who: The names Jeu Green and I'm a recording artist reppin Boston and all of MA and SCRAPYARD the gang as well as the movement.

What: I'm a rapper, songwriter and recording engineer who writes, records , mixes and masters my own music! Total control!!

Where: I grew up on the South Shore of MA but graduated art school in Boston! Just touched down from LA , done shows all over new England and the northeast .. I'm anywhere an everywhere!

When: I started rapping in high school, I've always been into hip hop, when I realized it was my passion I enrolled in the Art Institute!

Why: "ZIG-ZAG'S & SNAPBACKS" Hosted by Mr. Peter Parker , is my latest and greatest project . An original production mixtape with some big names from the game today (teddy roxpin , rich hil , millyz and more) ! DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE NOW!!

Biggest Accomplishment: My biggest moment(s) have to be opening for one of my favorite artists of today Big Sean.. And def putting out my newest tape with all the hard work I've put in ! ZIG-ZAG'S & SNAPBACKS!! Roll up and download for free here.

Connect with Jeu Green: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Hip Hop Artists You Should Be Listening To In 2012

I've seen some countdowns and lists of different genres of music over the past few days, and I thought that would be a cool idea for us to do as well. Many lists were good and had some unique spins, but I feel there were some unsigned hip hop artists that were left off a lot of lists. The list below has no specific order, just the ones you should of been listening to in 2011 and to continue listening in the new year. A few of these artists already have tons of hype, others might be getting started, but each of these artists brought positives to the hip hop community.

Granted, I'm sure there are some I might have missed and ones that should make the list, but its hard to know about EVERY new artist out there. So please be kind.

e-dubble: This man had a big year even though his name might not be that well known. Hailing from Philly and now reppin' Baltimore, e-dubble is best described as "The Fucking Man." He produces all his tracks, spits some crazy verses, and knows how to make some catchy tunes. If you missed all the free music and other singles he dropped, I suggest to look him up. In 2011, he was featured on pretty much any blog that mattered and found a dedicated following on Facebook and his Youtube channel. Listen to "Changed My Mind" below.

Danny Brown: I'll admit, listening to Danny Brown is a little intimidating. The Detroit eccentric rapper has been around for a few years, but once he dropped his album XXX, shit sort of just popped off. Brown has his own unique style, voice, and approach, but when it comes down to it, his gritty lyrics are pretty bonkers. 2011 was only the start for Brown, 2012 is looking bright. Listen to the title track "XXX" below.

Action Bronson: The New York emcee with the Ghostface Killah-like voice, stormed the hip hop scene with classic style beats and a unique storytelling flow. Bronson sort of appeared on blogs one day with some heat and then next thing I know, the dude is everywhere. But he deserves the acknowledgement as he is bringing back that 90's type shit with a modern twist. Expect tons of music from Bronson in 2012. Listen to "Barry Horowitz" below.

A$AP Rocky: The moment I heard A$AP Rocky's "Purple Swag" a few months back, I totally wasn't feeling it. Then "Peso" dropped with that ridiculous beat and I've been hooked since. I think compared to some of the other rappers on this list, Rocky isn't quite up to the level, but he never said he was super lyrical. His confidence, his delivery, and superb beat selection make him a name to remember. His mixtape downloads went off the charts, expect more of this in 2012. Listen to "Peso" below.

G-Eazy: While the new generation of hip hop has been experimenting with indie jams and pop songs to sample, who has heard of some serious classic 50's style incorporated in hip hop? G-Eazy is from the West Coast, but his James Dean stature is something truly different. He has had some success like e-dubble with the major blogs, which has helped propel him to the next level. He produces a lot of his music as well and is always sharing free tunes. Expect big things from G-Eazy. Listen to "Runaround Sue" below.

Freddie Gibbs: Gangsta Gibbs has been grinding for a few years, but I think 2011 was the year that took him to a more recognizable level. He is one of the only artists left that really have that 90's gangsta era rap that was so popular. Gibbs deep voice and lyrics are enough to captivate any true hip hop head. His mixtape Cold Day in Hell is continuously being played. Listen to "Barely M.A.D.E. It" below.

Kendrick Lamar: For those who kept talking about hip hop being dead, true believers in the genre recognize the importance of West Coast emcee Kendrick Lamar. The young talent was slowly making a rise in the scene until 2011 hit and everyone sought new joints from him. Lamar is true hip hop and is what the game has been missing. His lyrics go further than the money and women, Lamar has a voice and it needs to be heard. His future is promising in 2012. Listen to "HiiiPOWER" below.

Das Racist: What can be said about this trio? Interesting, funny, and damn entertaining. At first, I feel like a lot of people didn't know how take these guys, myself included. Granted, some of their music I can't really listen to that often, but other jams I get real into. They are good rappers, but not everyone is going to like these guys. Whether you have positive or negative feelings about Das Racist, they were everywhere in 2011. Listen to "Brand New Dance" below.

Ground Up: You know I had to rep my Pennsylvania state with the rap duo known as Ground Up. I've been watching these guys closely in 2011 and their grind is like no other. They are literally on the verge of majorly blowing up, yet somehow, a lot of people sleep on these dudes. It feels like every week they are releasing free music or brand new videos. But you know what, that's what makes them so good. If they don't blow up in 2012, I'd be quite surprised. Listen to "Daps" below.

Big K.R.I.T: This southern emcee sort of blew up around the same time as Kendrick Lamar, and people were excited about where hip hop was going with these two. Just like some of others, K.R.I.T. also was producing and rapping for a few, but really people began taking notice in 2011. He has this ability to  keep you interested in his bars, but not make you over think. His music will get your head moving and your car bumpin'. Listen to "Dreamin'" below.

Hoodie Allen: The ex-Google employee took his career to a different direction and pursued music. People love Hoodie, and why shouldn't they? He raps over samples that range from pop, indie, and more, but also can bring the party. His latest mixtape, Leap Year, took Hoodie to the next level and became one of our most popular posts. His music gets snagged up real quick and his videos are getting high numbers. This unsigned artist will be a fixture in 2012 to keep an eye on. Listen to "The Chase is On" below.

XV: If you didn't see XV's name floating around, then you weren't following hip hop music too closely. XV has been under the radar for a few years, which is unfortunate. But I'd say he has made some serious stride in being recognize. His videos and songs get tons of hits. More recently, his song "Awesome" was featured in a commercial getting his music out for more to hear. I'd say its about time XV becomes the next big thing in hip hop, here is to 2012 being his year as well. Listen to "When We're Done" below.

Honorable Mentions:
Gees Extortion
The Dean's List
Tayyib Ali
Casey Veggies
Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Azad Right
Gilbere Forte
Main Attrakionz

Mimicking Birds - "Walking in the Air"

I still discover music that is a year or two old that I either missed or just never got around to hitting play. The music of Mimicking Birds is one of those quality bands that seem to have gone under a lot of peoples radar, which is not good because this band is great. The Portland trio make a soothing sound of folk/pop and "Walking in the Air" is a testament to that sound. They recorded their debut album back in 2009 with Isaac Brock, the Modest Mouse frontman, in his home studio. If you got a chance to see Modest Mouse back then, this band will be familiar as they were on tour with them.

Their self titled album came out in March 2010, but still should be an album you turn too. If you like Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, and Modest Mouse, this should be something that is perfect for your years. You can buy the album on iTunes here.

About the song "Walking in the Air" via their Bandcamp:
Mimicking Birds' interpretation of "Walking in the Air" from "The Snowman." A children's book by English author Raymond Briggs, published in 1978 and made into a 26-minute animated movie by Dianne Jackson in 1982.

Via Indie Shuffle


Lockets - "Camera Shy"

I've been a fan of music similar to the dream-filled pop sound of Beach House, so when I heard that this song by Lockets had a similar vibe, I knew I had to check it out. The Philadelphia duo make a nice blend of indie and dream-pop tunes, not exactly like Beach House, but granted a close style. "Camera Shy" is their first single off an upcoming album that we can expect to hear at some point in 2012. Listen and download the song below, it's some good stuff.

Connect with Lockets: Bandcamp | Facebook

Via We All Want Someone to Shout For


Lettercamp - "Oh Well"

Today I'm bringing you something a little different from what I tend to share, although there are similar elements in this band to stuff I do post. The band is called Lettercamp and they hail from the Detroit area. The music is sort of a giant blend of electro, pop, and dance with tons of energy. Lettercamp already released a album last year called Raccoon Panda and a remix EP, which got them positive attention and a deal with Swedish based indie label Substream.

Earlier this month they released their brand new single called "Oh Well," which will be on their upcoming and unnamed album. Give the new song a chance, it is a lot of fun and the remixes are pretty cool too.

Connect with Lettercamp: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Video: McWorm - "Waiting in Vain" (Bob Marley Cover)

Ah McWorm, somehow I missed this video back in late summer. I had shared some of his reggae/pop infused jams before and his story of how he came to creating music. Yet, as tons of music is poured into our emails, I tend to forget to follow up on them. Luckily, McWorm hit me up about the video and to share his version of Bob Marley's "Waiting in Vain." He mentioned that he got the Marley brother endorsement and the video has over 50k hits. This song and video makes me miss summer. Damn you winter, damn you.

Connect with McWorm: Facebook | Twitter | Website


SBTRKT - "Ride To Freedom"

SBTRKT had a huge year, from relative obscurity to people rushing to download and hear his latest jams. The UK, tribal mask, producing master, is getting ready for a single release for "Hold On," which was off his dope debut album (one of my favorites of the year). However, SBTRKT released his b-side track for streaming called "Ride To Freedom." For a b-side this is pretty damn tight, if I had any musical talent to create a song, it still wouldn't even be near as good as SBTRKT's b-side. Listen to the song below.


New Shouts - "Always Love (Where Love Is Due)"

There are some truly great bands and musicians coming out of my home state of Pennsylvania, and thanks to the good folks at Listen Before You Buy, I've found another band to add to that list. New Shouts hail from Pittsburgh and make some high energy surf-rock, and for an unsigned band, they are doing better than most. They kind of found a way to bring back a 60's feel, but completely keep it fresh.

In early December they released a new track called "Always Love (Where Love Is Due)" and this song will be a nice addition to a music lovers collection. From what I hear, good things are in this bands future. Listen to the song below.

This also got me to smile, on their info part of their Facebook page: "We wanted to be a 60's r&b girl group, but couldn't get to the 60's and couldn't find the girls so we decided to be a rock n' roll band of dudes."

Connect with New Shouts: BandcampFacebook | Twitter


Sol - "Stage Dive"

I've been following this upcoming rapper named Sol for a few weeks now and he has continually impressed me with his tunes. Now is the time I share his music with you guys. Sol has been working on his debut album called Yours Truly, which is coming out on January 20th. Until then, he has been releasing some new music for us to bump. "Stage Drive" is a fine tune with great production by Nima Skeemz, topped off with Sol's unique storytelling. Listen to this jam below and you can buy it on iTunes right here.

Connect with Sol: Facebook | Twitter | Website


B.O.B. - "Play the Guitar" ft. Andre 3000

While I have nothing against B.O.B., we all know that the stand out of this track would be Andre 3000, and he doesn't disappoint. "Play the Guitar" is the latest single from Bobby Ray's new album called Strange Clouds. The beat is interesting and kind of weird, but this fits Andre 3000 perfectly. Peep the new single below.


Video: Cat Power - "King Rides By" ft. Manny Pacquiao

Cat Power or Chan Marshall has be relatively quiet for a few years. Her last material of originals came out back in 2006 and in 2008 she released an album of covers. So for a good part of 5 years, she really had no new music. Rumors have been around that she is working on new material and that has been confirmed. The new song is called "King Rides By" and the 7 minute song is quite good. Yet, what can make this song better? A video featuring popular boxer Manny Pacquiao. No, he is unfortunately not singing, but in the video he is hitting a speed bag, which is then shown in slow motion. For some reason this song and video go perfect together. Watch below.

Also, a pretty cool thing. If you buy the song from her website all the proceeds are going to the Festival of Children and The Ali Forney House, courtesy of Cat Power and Manny Pacquiao


Video: Childish Gambino - "Ima Boss" (Freestyle)

Donald Glover has pretty much become a big name in 2011 and his career is only going to grow further in 2012. Yes, I know you read that a lot before on here, but most of it is true. Most of you should know Glover's story by now -- actor, comedian, writer, and rapper under the name Childish Gambino. There were a lot of mixed reviews on his debut album Camp, and while I do not think it was ground breaking material, it was a decent effort.  

Glover was in London a few days ago and did a freestyle over "Ima Boss." For most of the freestyle it looks like someone keeps smacking him in the back of his head as his eyes continue to bulge out. All kidding aside, check out the video below.



Diplo - Express Yourself EP (Sampler)

Diplo may very well be the next household DJ and he will be starting 2012 with a serious bang. The master DJ/producer is going to be releasing a new EP called Express Yourself and it should be fully out in a few days. Until then, Diplo released a sampler or "megamix" of what to expect on this EP. Some guest spots of the EP include Datsik, Sabi, Elephant Man, GTA, Excision, Nicky Da B, LAzer Disk, and Billy the Gent. Listen to the sampler below.

Via Pitchfork


Luke Christopher - "Pocket Full of Dimes"

You know when someone is destined for greatness, and Luke Christopher is no exception. Since I came across his hip hop style a few months ago, I've been a full supporter. Not only is it his ease on the mic, but how barely being 20 leaves him so much room to become even greater. Christopher released this song "Pocket Full of Dimes" yesterday on his Facebook page in lieu of his Marvelous Monday tracks. Listen and download below. Stay tuned for more from Luke Christopher in 2012.



Video: jj - "VI"

The Swedish electro-pop duo jj have been circulating the blogs for the past few years. And over the holiday weekend they released a new visual for "VI." This video features mask wearing, smoking, drinking, along with the more club-esque tune. The video makes this song much more entertaining and the masks are quite interesting. Check out the Olivia Kastebring-directed video below.


Clams Casino - Instrumental (Mastered)

Man, artists and producers were really in the Christmas spirit this year. We got a lot of free goodies from some of our favorites and the gift season keeps on going. Break out New Jersey producer Clams Casino granted us a remastered and high quality download of his INSTRUMENTAL mixtape. So for those of you who might of missed one of the best mixtapes of 2011 before, you can now download it with better quality. Sweeeeeet. Shout out to Pretty Much Amazing for sharing this.


Clams Casino - Numb (Mastered)

Mount Kimbie - "Before I Move Off" (Star Slinger Mix)

Star Slinger was busy this past weekend because I found another song he had released besides the Rihanna refix. Star Slinger took his skills and created some mix magic on Mount Kimbie's "Before I Move Off." With this mix, there is barely any bass, but more focus on the vocal samples. It has that Star Slinger touch we know and love.

Via Prefix


The xx - "Open Eyes" (Demo)

Most of you might already know about The xx, in fact I've been listening to their stuff for awhile. As I've said before though, since there is so much music, we tend to be pretty selective and The xx we never got around to posting. But, as their dark-pop sound continues to grow on me, I'd like to share more of them. This Christmas The xx released a new song, although it was a demo version it still has The xx sound. The song is called "Open Eyes"  and has a very subtle, minimalist sound. Check out the video they released below of the demo.


Frank Ocean - "4 Tears"

Frank Ocean might have one of the biggest collection of songs without having an official album out in stores. Yet, so far I have not disliked any of his songs and each time something new appears, I instantly have to listen. Ocean is not only talented, but anyone who appreciates music can listen to him. Also, his R&B style can cross over to the mainstream without losing those initial fans, which can be a challenge for most artists. So here we are again with another track that he released on his Tumblr page called "4 Tears."

I just listened to this a few times for myself. figured maybe some else needed to hear it. it’s called ‘4 tears’.” – Frank Ocean


Rihanna - "We Found Love" (Star Slinger Refix)

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and that Santa brought each of you what you wanted. Since I took the weekend off (sort of), I'm now catching up on some good music for you. This past weekend the remix, mashup, producing master Star Slinger released some heat for his fans. He did a refix as he calls it of Rihanna's "We Found Love." I love what Slinger did with this song and actually made Rihanna's music more listenable for me. Check it out below.


Dam-Funk - "That Special Sh*T"

Just to bring in the Christmas cheer, we have a little funk from Dam-Funk. The funk master let loose a 13-minute jam that has yet to have a title, so for now Dam-Funk labeled it "That Special Sh*t." This could possibly be something that is on his album coming out in 2012 or could just be something special for all the loyal fans. Either way listen and download below.

Via Hypetrak


Video: XV - "The Kick"

XV is making some moves and 2012 is going to be a big year for the young emcee. He's been getting a lot of videos out on the web, which is a good thing. Just yesterday he returned with a pretty straight forward, black and white video for "The Kick." Already approaching 70k hits. Check it out below.


Azealia Banks - "Liquorice"

So, I really dug that "212" song by new female rapper/singer Azealia Banks, and in a previous post wrote about my feelings on the hype that's surrounding her.  Banks has a new track out now called "Liquorice", and it's safe to say I'm digging this one too.  While she does kind of reuse the same flow from "212", this song has a completely different kind of beat.  Helmed by Lazy Jay, the beat samples British-producer Lone's song "Pineapple Crush", an automatic plus for me since Lone's album, Emerald Fantasy Tracks, ended up on my top 25 albums of 2011 list.  It was a really great dance album that a lot of people slept on, but that's another story.  Anyway, the beat on "Liqourice" is fun and hyperactive and I'm really liking the way Banks layers her vocals over it to build the song up.  This is one of those songs that makes you wanna move, no matter how you were feeling before you pressed play.  Listen below.


The Kid Daytona - The Interlude 2 (Mixtape)

The Kid Daytona has been a nice surprise to me. He has a different style about him, which makes for a great addition to hip hop. Earlier this week he released his latest mixtape The Interlude 2, which features Melanie Fiona, Action Bronson, Kardinal Offishall, Goapele & more. This will be the next tape you'll need to turn up in your car.

Production credits include, 6th Sense, Harry Fraud, Statik Selektah, & more. Listen and download below.


Video: Jonsi - "Gathering Stories"

"Gathering Stories" has been out for a little now and you might have recently heard it as a part of Cameron Crowe's new film We Bought A Zoo. The Movie and soundtrack are now available, so check that out.

To go along with the song by Jonsi and the movie, a animated video was created. The concept of the video is pretty obvious, but it follows a man who travels through a storm and gets rescued by some animals. A fitting video for the song, and quality animation style. Watch below.


Sondre Lerche - "Countdown" (Beyonce Cover)

Real talk for a minute, I don't listen to Beyonce's music. Now that has sunk in, I do respect her as a strong female singer and creating some interesting tunes. Just not a fan. However, I do enjoy some other artists who have been covering some of her famous hits. Sondre Lerche has shown his pop style and ability to do great covers and Beyonces powerful "Countdown" is no exception. The light acoustic guitar, crisp vocals, and the fact that he says the lines from the song about "me and my boo" will make you laugh a little. Listen and download the cover below.

Via Pretty Much Amazing


Marvin Gaye - "Sunny" (Mercury Edit II)

Marvin Gaye was taken from this world too soon and I think anyone can respect the mans music. His music has such a lasting power and its nice to see other musicians/producers keeping his music alive for other generations.

The Swedish duo known as Mercury took Gaye's "Sunny" and gave it some unique perspective. The duo added some electro blend to give the positive vibes of "Sunny" a boost. I really enjoy what they did with this track. Listen and download below.

Via The Music Ninja


Video: Drake - "The Motto" ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga

Safe to say Drake had a big year with his latest album Take Care, that just went platinum. I'd say Drake took over the hip hop world, even though his fashion choices may be somewhat questionable. "The Motto" is a pretty good track and one of the standouts, I do think Lil' Wayne is a little played out at this point. Tyga also makes an appearance and I have nothing really to say about him.

I cracked up when Weezy did that little 2-step dance at 2:05 and the 2:32 marks. Check out the video below.


Video: Warm Gun - "Close the Door"

It's easy to appreciate artists who put their all into a project. Granted not all can handle multiple aspects, but upcoming artist Warm Gun can. He just released a brand new album, Nocturnal: Summer's Over, featuring 13 original and self-produced tracks. He can rap, produce, and with "Close the Door," he shows he has some singing chops too. This track is a slightly different direction from some of the more hip hop oriented material, but Warm Gun is showing some versatility as an artist. Check out the video below.

You can download is album Nocturnal: Summer's Over for free, right here.

Connect with Warm GunTwitter | Website


Lykke Li - The Lost Sessions Vol. 1 (EP)

Another artist in the Christmas spirit, the wonderful Lykke Li dropped The Lost Sessions Vol. 1 EP for free. This is what I love, artists giving some goodness to their fans. The Swedish singer/songwriter released alternate takes on some of her tracks from Wounded Rhymes. She might have one of the more powerful and unique voices out there right now, anytime one of her songs starts I can instantly recognize it. These songs have more of a stripped down feel, but it gives a better sense of her powerful vocals. Listen and download below.


Video: Talib Kweli - "Distractions"

Talib Kweli has already got a new album in the works called Prisoner of Conscious, and the first song we get to hear is "Distractions." This is one of those tracks that Kweli shines on, not that he doesn't shine on pretty much everything he does. This song delivers a smooth beat and the lyrically prowess that Kweli can deliver. You'll have to listen to this song a few times to catch the depth of his lyrics, but the video should help too. It shows Kweli at one of the Occupy Wall street protests in New York, which goes well with his political mind. Check it below.


The Weeknd - Echoes of Silence (Mixtape)

So you want more free music before Christmas? Well, The Weeknd (as previously promised) released his third mixtape in the series before the years end. Echoes of Silence is finally here and people are certainly excited.  

The Weeknd had a hell of a year, ending up on pretty much everyone's favorite album or songs list with his debut tape, House of Balloons. The second mixtape, Thursday, would follow a few months later but I would say lacked the power the first did. It was still a decent tape, but not quite as memorable as the first. Now, we have Echoes of Silence and it delivers some great music. You can stream and download from the Datpiff player, but I also have an alternate link. So what do you think just as good as his debut? Better? Worse?


Alternate Download Link

Video: Asher Roth - "Common Knowledge"

Haters gonna hate. Roth is killin' it right now and you really need to recognize that. Pabst & Jazz is one the better mixtapes to appear in 2011 and I know Roth has more in store for 2012. So to keep the Asher momentum going, he posted a new video for the jam "Common Knowledge" on his Facebook page. The beat is ridiculous and Roth rips it apart. Watch below.


Elbee Thrie - "Possessed By The Devil" (Xaphoon Jones Version)

Whether you want to admit it or not, creating a remix or new mix is a skill. True, anyone can throw some shit together and call it a great track, but let's be real -- 98% of it is trash. There are only a select few of producers out there who truly understand what musical components work and have ideas to make some magic. Chiddy Bang's producer Xaphoon Jones, is one of the 2% that gets it. He has a knack for music at all spectrum's, like indie, electro, dance, pop, classic tunes, and jams you probably never heard of. Jones latest took Elbee Thrie's rapping from the song "Possessed," and blended it with his own style.

Xaphoon you crazy!


Planet Asia & Madlib - Cracks in the Vinyl (Free EP)

West Coast rapper Planet Asia decided to send out a little holiday cheer to all. He released a free EP yesterday called Cracks in the Vinyl. What also makes this an EP to download, is that Madlib produced the entire thing, so you know production is going to be bomb. The word is this entire EP was recorded while Planet Asia was in Germany for a recent stop. I love when artists do stuff like this. Merry Christmas!

Via Prefix


Download: Planet Asia & Madlib - Cracks in the Vinyl (Free EP)

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