New Shouts - "Always Love (Where Love Is Due)"

There are some truly great bands and musicians coming out of my home state of Pennsylvania, and thanks to the good folks at Listen Before You Buy, I've found another band to add to that list. New Shouts hail from Pittsburgh and make some high energy surf-rock, and for an unsigned band, they are doing better than most. They kind of found a way to bring back a 60's feel, but completely keep it fresh.

In early December they released a new track called "Always Love (Where Love Is Due)" and this song will be a nice addition to a music lovers collection. From what I hear, good things are in this bands future. Listen to the song below.

This also got me to smile, on their info part of their Facebook page: "We wanted to be a 60's r&b girl group, but couldn't get to the 60's and couldn't find the girls so we decided to be a rock n' roll band of dudes."

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