Unsigned Friday: Jeu Green

Got a few more submissions for the Unsigned Friday posts, so I think I'll continue to do these every Friday. I was actually thinking about scrapping the idea, but I still feel this gives other artists/bands a chance to at least get some more notice. This week is an upcoming rapper from the Boston area.

Who: The names Jeu Green and I'm a recording artist reppin Boston and all of MA and SCRAPYARD the gang as well as the movement.

What: I'm a rapper, songwriter and recording engineer who writes, records , mixes and masters my own music! Total control!!

Where: I grew up on the South Shore of MA but graduated art school in Boston! Just touched down from LA , done shows all over new England and the northeast .. I'm anywhere an everywhere!

When: I started rapping in high school, I've always been into hip hop, when I realized it was my passion I enrolled in the Art Institute!

Why: "ZIG-ZAG'S & SNAPBACKS" Hosted by Mr. Peter Parker , is my latest and greatest project . An original production mixtape with some big names from the game today (teddy roxpin , rich hil , millyz and more) ! DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE NOW!!

Biggest Accomplishment: My biggest moment(s) have to be opening for one of my favorite artists of today Big Sean.. And def putting out my newest tape with all the hard work I've put in ! ZIG-ZAG'S & SNAPBACKS!! Roll up and download for free here.

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