Unsigned Friday: The Lower Class

I get pretty many people tagging either their bands or someone they represent for an Unsigned Friday post, yet many are still not following the format. So pretty many have gotten deleted. Remember just answer the questions you see below, along with a picture, and all social media links. Done. I listen to them all and will almost post everything, unless its complete trash. But, I like giving people the opportunity to be heard that might not necessarily be at the level to have a lot of coverage yet. I think it is a good start for these artists/bands and gives their music a chance to be heard. I've had some great features so far. This week I bring you a hip hop trio called The Lower Class.

Who:  We are The Lower Class, an alternative hip hop trio composed of Josh Tatum (Pliny Science), Anthony Torres (imaGenius), Xavier Palin (Kartune)

What:  We make music with influences taken out of what we love which ranges from indie rock to 70's funk, constantly experimenting with unconventional samples and sounds. San Marcos, Texas

Where:   San Marcos, Texas

When:  We formed the group in October 2011.  Recently we released our project entitled "Flight of Ideas".

Why:  We just have a passion for it

Our biggest accomplishment was completing our release "Flight of Ideas". This was the hardest we ever worked on anything art-wise. We set a goal and made it to the end. For lazy people this is a big feat.

Connect with The Lower Class: Facebook | Twitter | Website


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