Video: Azealia Banks - "212"

When I first heard the buzz surrounding this new female rapper from Harlem Azealia Banks, I first thought, "Oh great they're just pushing a more indie Nicki Minaj."  But, after listening to Banks debut track "212" a few times I realized there's a lot more potential there than just that.  Yes, the track does sound Nicki Minaj-ish, but I'm pretty sure it's way better than anything Minaj has ever done.  Banks tops Minaj's killer verse on Kanye's "Monster" in the first 30 seconds of the song and then it only gets more impressive from there.  Banks can really rap and sing without any help from vocal effects like those Minaj uses.  But, really it's not all about Azealia vs. Nicki.  The best part of Banks' bump into the spotlight is that there is a huge shortage of female rappers right now and it's just nice that there's more than one to focus on.  Either way, "212" is a great dirty rap song that could become a classic, and the video is pretty fun too.  I like the Mickey Mouse shirt Banks rocks as she spits lines like "I'ma ruin you, cunt."  Check out the video for "212" below and also listen to Banks covering Interpol to get a better idea of how good a singer she is.


"Slow Hands" (Interpol Cover)


to compare nicki to azelia is totally unfair...both are unique in there own seperate opinion.

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