Video: Cat Power - "King Rides By" ft. Manny Pacquiao

Cat Power or Chan Marshall has be relatively quiet for a few years. Her last material of originals came out back in 2006 and in 2008 she released an album of covers. So for a good part of 5 years, she really had no new music. Rumors have been around that she is working on new material and that has been confirmed. The new song is called "King Rides By" and the 7 minute song is quite good. Yet, what can make this song better? A video featuring popular boxer Manny Pacquiao. No, he is unfortunately not singing, but in the video he is hitting a speed bag, which is then shown in slow motion. For some reason this song and video go perfect together. Watch below.

Also, a pretty cool thing. If you buy the song from her website all the proceeds are going to the Festival of Children and The Ali Forney House, courtesy of Cat Power and Manny Pacquiao



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