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Video: Bear In Heaven - "The Reflection Of You"

This is one trippy video.  Almost as trippy as Schoolboy Q's new video for "Druggy Wit Hoes Again", which you'll see is our music video of the day.  I guess it's just trippy video day here at Oh So Fresh.  Anyway, Brooklyn synth-pop band Bear In Heaven are set to release their new album I Love You, It's Cool on April 3, via Dead Oceans and Hometapes, and they recently released this video for album cut "The Reflection Of You".  They've also been streaming the entire album on their website since December.  The only catch is it's the slowed down 400,000% version, and it's only on track three right now.  These guys had a great album back in 2009 called Best Rest Forth Mouth and it's good to see their continuing with the huge sound that album had with their new material.  Check out the video for "The Reflection Of You" below, unless you get motion sick real easy, then don't watch this.


Video: Said the Whale - "Heavy Ceiling"

Pretty much since I started this blog, I have received music from Said the Whale. And since that time, I have been a fan of the Vancouver indie/pop band. To keep their momentum going as they approach the March 6th release date of  their upcoming album, Little Mountain, Said the Whale released a new video for the song "Heavy Ceiling." The video is eery and haunting, showing the dark woods as the bands' images reflect off the trees. Watch below and make sure to check out the full album next week.


Stalley - "Volley Express" ft. Scar

Stalley is just knocking this new joints out of the park, each release is a banger. Probably why Stalley has been one of my favorite break-out emcees of the past year. He returned with his eighth track off Songs by Me, Stalley, which you probably know by now is a warm-up to Savage Journey to the American Dream. The new song, "Volley Express" features Scar and was produced by Block Beattaz again, who is killing it as well. The release date of his main project will be announced once he hits 50k followers on Twitter.


Weird Dreams - "Little Girl"

Four-piece psych-pop band from East London, Weird Dreams, will be releasing their debut album, Choreography, on April 2nd. It's not difficult to hear the influence of The Beach Boys on the track "Little Girls", but Weird Dreams adds their woozy, indie-pop spin to create a dismal depth to a classically sanguine, beach-cruising melody. The frequent repetition of the band's name on this track is a possibly shameless advertising tactic, but either way, it's a groovy song that makes the summer season palpable.

Connect with Weird Dreams: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Curren$y & Styles P - #The1st28 (EP)

Curren$y is consistently releasing new music for his fans, and its always quality, never has a  rushed sound. Spitta is probably one of the hardest working in hip hop and people love him for it. Yesterday, he teamed up with Styles P to release a joint 5-track EP called #The1st28. While the EP is short, it is definitely sweet. Listen and download below.


Video: MemoryHouse - "The Kids Were Wrong"

I've been in full support of dream-poppers MemoryHouse and was pretty pumped about their debut album, The Slideshow Effect. The album is out now by the way, so if you dig this song, go check it out. "The Kids Were Wrong" is one of their stand out jams, so it was only right that this would be made into a video as well. The video blends live performance and a narrative story, which works just perfect. Watch below.


Katy B x Diplo - "Witches Brew"

Diplo is proving to be one of the best producers/DJ's of this coming year, and already was a beast in 2011. The Philly native is bringing the music hard and his name will certainly be a fixture in the upcoming months. Yet, he found time in his crazy schedule to remix "Witches Brew," a song by UK pop singer Katy B. Diplo turned the pop jam into a full on club anthem, adding an aggressive beat with thumping bass. Diplo has a knack for turning any song into a banger. Listen and download below.


MP3/Video: Sid Sriram - "We Found Love" (Rihanna Cover)

Singer/songwriter Sid Sriram dropped off some new visuals for another excellent cover song. He really has the skill and talent to turn another artists' song into something original. Sriram again has a winning cover, this time of Rihanna's "We Found Love." The video has only been out for a short time, but it is already accumulating some views. Watch below and download below.


Desert Stars - "Boys I Like" & "Farewell Decade"

That dream-pop sound has become quite popular in the past two years or so, but I'm hoping the genre doesn't get over crowded. So far though most of the bands creating that music has been pretty on point. Another band that fits in that dream-pop and shoegaze genres is Brooklyn based band Desert Stars. Now, of course the comparison to Beach House is inevitable, but they are much more than that. Just getting their start, they already created two gems, which I'm sure is only a taste of the greatness we can expect in the future. They are digitally releasing those two debut tracks "Boys I like" and "Farewell Decade" today from their upcoming 7," which is out this Spring. 

Connect with Desert Stars: Facebook | Website

Video: Goyte - "Easy Way Out"

Now this is a video and is what makes music videos so fun. Goyte, the Belgium born indie rock artist, brought us what I would say is one of the best visuals of the year. The new video is for the song "Easy Way Out" from his recent project Making Mirrors.  The video apparently took 9 months to make as it is stop-motion, featuring tons of pictures pieced together to reflect someone's everyday life. The time to create this was well worth it, I know I had to watch it a few times. Check it out below.


XXL's 2012 Freshman Class

For the past couple years, hip hop magazine XXL has put out a cover of freshman emcees for the upcoming year. After anticipation and many people wondering who would make the cut, XXL released the cover, which you can see right here further. I've been more disappointed with the list in the past few years (although last years had some solid choices), and this year my thoughts are the same. I mean, I'm sure a few artists did not want to be on (rumor that being ASAP Rocky).

So the list as follows: 

Machine Gun Kelly - Makes sense, I mean he was doing some big things in 2011 and now being signed to Bad Boy he has some serious potential, although I'm not a huge fan.

Danny Brown - Probably the best choice on this last Danny Brown blew up in 2011 and is certainly only going to hit it big time in 2012.

Kid Ink - I've listened to Kid Ink a few times for the past year or so, and really he technically is a freshman to the scene, but he is pretty generic. I really do not find anything special about his music.

Future - Another one that makes sense, but not really into his collection yet. I do dig a few of his jams, so we'll see how 2012 pans out for him.

Roscoe Dash - MEH, enough said.

Hopsin - I can't really comment on him, haven't heard much.

Macklemore - Not bad.

Don Trip - Just like with Hopsin, never listened to him.

Iggy Azalea -Need to hear more of her stuff.

French Montana - Makes sense.

I think what people's issue is that although most of this years XXL picks are new to the game or relatively new, there are many overlooked rappers who are waaaay ahead of some that were chosen. So MGK, Danny Brown, Future, and French Montana can stay for sure. These are some I think are missing or should of been on but maybe they declined like I said:  ASAP Rocky, XV, Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, Chip Tha Ripper, Casey Veggies, and Emilio Rojas to name a few. What do you think of the list? Who'd they leave out?

Knxwledge - "Misti.ide[roop]"

Another Philadelphia native doing something big for the area is hip hop producer Knxwledge. His material is always consistently fresh and the other day he took to Soundcloud to release a new instrumental called "Misti.ide[roop]." The song has that ultimate bounce and will most likely be on his upcoming album Hexual.Sealings 2. Gotta love that awesome artwork too. Listen below.


Video: Death Grips - "Get Got" & "Blackjack"

I've been falling a little behind with the new music from Sacramento punk-rap group Death Grips, mostly because they scare the shit out of me sometimes.  These guys announced some big news yesterday, that they are now signed to major label Epic.  They've already previously made the announcement that they'll be releasing two new albums this year, and now we know that both of them will be on this new label.  The first album, The Money Store, is due out April 24, and the second, called No Love, is due for fall.  Below, check out the two new tracks and accompanying videos these guys have released in recent months from their first upcoming album, "Get Got" and "Blackjack".  These guys, are scary though, seriously.


Yellow Ostrich - "The Shakedown"

Yellow Ostrich is readying for a release of their new album called Strange Land, which will be the first album where they are a full band. The music so far has a more robust sound and has a more complete feeling, which is great because 2010's The Mistress was a solid, overlooked album. The latest single from the new album is called "The Shakedown." It rocks quite hard. Listen and download below.



Video: Radical Something - "Say Yes"

Since getting sent some music from the trio called Radical Something a few weeks ago, I've been getting into their fresh mix of pop, hip hop, and chill vibes. In the short time these guys have been making music together, they find themselves with a diverse and pretty big following, which I suspect will only continue to grow.

Their new 5 song EP No Sweat is out on iTunes now (get it here) climbing the charts and they wanted to start off the week with a video for the song "Say Yes." The visual has that California style and it makes me miss Summer. Watch below.


Video: Bon Iver - "Towers"

Bon Iver had a pretty good 2011 with their highly successful sophomore release called Bon Iver, Bon Iver, taking leader Justin Vernon and company to the next level. Then earlier this month he won two Grammy's. Whether or not you dig Bon Iver, the sophomore album was pretty damn good.

Returning in all their glory for the next video, the Bon Iver crew chose Nabil Elderkin again to direct the single, "Towers." This was a good choice since Elderkin captured "Holocene" so well. Learn a bit about the video from Nabil and watch the video below.

When Justin sent me a breakdown of what certain parts/lines of the song meant to him I did my best to decode it and curate into something simple, and hopefully the viewer can take from it their own feeling of what the towers represent. It was shot up in Washington state, mostly on Indian-preserved land, and our actor's name was Mystic. He seemed to be very tuned into the land, and when he said he was also willing to fall into the freezing cold ocean up there (seems a bit sharky too), I knew he was my guy.


Warm Weather - Looking Through (EP)

Warm Weather is based out of Los Angeles, but a few of the members are from Philly, so had to give their music a listen. The music is a mix of indie, folk, pop then fuse that with Beach Boys harmonies. Sounds interesting? You bet it is. As mentioned in the email, "we get comparisons to The Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, The Who, Paul Simon, etc." I think those would be pretty spot on.

Back in January they released a EP titled Looking Through, which features 4 tightly woven jams that will be of instant repeat status. Not many bands are making music quite like this. "Stay" might be my favorite track, but then again, they are all solid.

Connect with Warm Weather: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Kj Hamilton - Aspiring MC, Vol. II

Awhile back I shared a EP by a young upcoming rapper from Georgia by the name of Kj Hamilton. The kid had a pretty nice flow and I was surprisingly impressed. That was a year ago and Hamilton returned at the end of January with Aspiring MC, Vol. II. This 10 track album takes you into the young rappers mind and thoughts, plus he's hoping to introduce more people to the "New South" sound as he calls it. Give the album a listen and download for free.


Naomi Punk - "Voodoo Trust"

Naomi Punk's rattling single "Voodoo Trust" is built to for drunken crowd-surfing and stage dives. Filled with surf rock guitar's and muffled vocal's they straddle the line of Surf and Punk without getting to Wavvey (see what I did there?). Labeling themselves as New-Age Grunge the Seattle-based trio do their city and genre justice bringing a gritty edge in their music, a trait lacking many of the younger blog powered Punk groups of now. Look for Naomi Punk's album The Feeling via Couple Skate April 24th.

Connect with Naomi Punk:  Bandcamp | Website | Soundcloud

Via Fader

Arctic Monkeys - "R U Mine?"

So somewhat of a surprise to hear a new Arctic Monkeys song already, considering their latest album Suck It And See, came out no too long ago. Plus, the album is still doing pretty well, but hey I'm not complaining. The boys dropped off the new tune with a video, which essentially shows what it is like to be on the road with the band.

Hasn't been any official word as to where this track will appear, but you can check out the song + video below.


Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP

Now, I'm not the biggest Odd Future fan, but I do enjoy some of the music. As I mentioned before, I dig Hodgy Beats the most (besides Frank Ocean). Might be his flow, lyrics, or his beat selection, but his music resonates with me more than most of the other members. Hodgy dropped off a brand new EP for free featuring 8 9 tracks. Take notice to the awesome production credits that include Flying Lotus, The Alchemist,  and Juicy J. Listen to the FlyLo produced jam "Lately" below and download the EP for free.


Big Two-Hearted - "Impulse" (demo)

I was browsing through my friends at Big Two-Hearted's soundcloud page the other day and I found this song I had only heard once before called "Impulse."  The song is currently being remastered for their upcoming mixtape Last Year., but there is a demo version on their soundcloud that while being very lo-fi and muddy-sounding gives a pretty good idea of how cool the song is.  It's hard to make out what the vocalist is saying on the track, but he's basically talking about making an impulsive decision about a relationship and having a lot of regret over it.  Check out the demo version of this acoustic guitar-driven track below.


Andre 3000, Damon Albarn and James Murphy - "DoYaThing"

If you haven't heard yet, James Murphy, of LCD Soundsystem, Damon Albarn, the man behind the Gorillaz and the singer for the Blur, and Andre 3000 who needs no introduction, got together in the studio to record the newest installment of Converse's "three artists, one song" series.  There's been a lot of talk about this because these three artists are pretty awesome on their own and no one ever expected them to collaborate, but the result is pretty incredible.  The three recorded a four-minute single version of the song, but the real result is a 13-minute, mostly improvised version where Andre 3000 gives an insane vocal performance where he riffs on the phrase "I'm the shit!" in an awesome way while Murphy and Albarn make the beat explode.  This is unlike anything I've heard from any of these artists and Andre's performance tops about everything he's ever done for Outkast; think about that for a minute.  Listen to the single version below and listen to the incredibly awesome, amazing, "I'm the shit!!" version here. (via The End)

I'm the shit!!


Django Django - "Storm"

The more you hear Django Django, the more you tend to enjoy their music. Not  that you won't like it on the inital listen, but it just gets better each time. Their debut album came out overseas last month and soon they will be appearing for the first time in the United States. Django Django's "Storm" captures exactly what this band is about. Get ready to hit the replay button.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sat. March 10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands
Wed. March 14 – Austin, TX @ Easy Tiger Patio [12 AM]
Sat. March 17 – Austin, TX @ Latitude [10 PM]


Real Estate - "In My Car"

Man, Real Estate is on fire this week, hell the past couple of months. The band has continued to drop some great tunes and just the other day I shared a b-side. Then yesterday they went and released another song called "In My Car." The song came about from their label. For this years Record Store Day, Domino Records is doing something special by creating a “FlexiZine” called Smuggler’s Way. It will entail original writing, music, and art from their own roster of bands, Real Estate being one of them. While they have been playing this song live, this is now the studio session for that zine.


Chiddy Bang - "Zeros"

Chiddy Bang is hot off their debut album Breakfast, which is probably going to pop in the top 10 Billboard albums, so congrats to those dudes. To keep the momentum going, Xaphoon and Chiddy dropped off a unreleased track called "Zeros."  Listen and download to this jam below. Production from Xaphoon and Hot Sugar.

Via Pigeons and Planes


Video: Islands - "Hallways"

Not only is Canadian bred and Los Angeles based indie band Islands single, "Hallways," an entertaining little diddy, but damn will it get you moving. Yet, what set this song off more is the recent video. You'll get skeletons playing the hell out of their instruments and really jammin' out. They even got some fresh dance moves. Check out the Lex Halaby & Toben Seymour directed video below. A Sleep & a Forgetting is out now.


Void Pedal - Pair of L (EP)

Fieldwerk Recording's very own Void Pedal releases his new Instrumental EP Pair of L. Taking elements of hip-hop and electronic music Void Pedal traverses the same ground as genre-bending beat-smith Flying Lotus without treading the same ground.  Somber horn's carry "Solace Eye" over a echoing drums, while "21 Guns Pt 1 & 2 " brings in not only elements of classic 90's sampling, but with synth-driven rhythms.

Void Pedal is part of the current trend of Hip-Hop producer's venturing out into new genre's while retaining their Hip-Hop backbone. Click here for the EP link and a free download.

Connect with Void Pedal: Twitter | Facebook | Website


Michael Kiwanuka - "Lasan" ft. Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys

I've been saying how much I dig Michael Kiwanuka and how he could use more exposure. Well, teaming up with Dan Auerbach, vocalist/guitarist of The Black Keys, will spark some interest. The track surfaced not too long ago, but already has gotten tons of rotation and press. The song "Lasan" was recorded at Ray Davies’ studio in England, guessing as just a one track-type of feature. Listen to the song below.


Tidus - Doors EP

Oh boy, that New York resident and trippy rapper Tidus is back with his next project Doors EP. He let it loose last night and features "Welcome," one of the first songs I heard by him and it also features the wild "Cruisin." Tidus made sure to include two other previously unreleased tunes with it as well. He produced the whole EP again and provides some crazy, outer space rhymes. Listen and download below.


Video: Rebelution - "Sky is the Limit"

I'm a big fan of good reggae music, have been for a long time and not really sure what makes it stand out so much too me. I think Sublime started my obsession back when I was like 12, then I discovered Bob Marley and reggae was imprinted in my head since.

Rebelution has been a solid reggae band for a few years and it seems more are finally recognizing that. It's pretty cool to see them in just a few years become a huge draw to reggae fans. Their recent album, Peace of Mind, shows that the California natives are ready to become the kings of reggae. They let loose their first video mixing in scenes of live concerts, Cali scenery, and studio sessions for the jam "Sky is the Limit". Watch below.


Real Estate - "Exactly Nothing"

Real Estate's music seems to put me in a good mood, and I could use it on this Friday. While many blogs posted this yesterday, I did not have a proper listen at that point. About 30 seconds in, I absolutely loved it. The band performed this new song while visiting Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show and is the b-side track to "Easy." This is a tight jam, give it a listen below.


Video: Beirut - "Vagabond"

Beirut's "Vagabond" is a track that will grab your attention and not let go until the very end. Not sure if it is the catchy horns, or just the overall feel of the song, but I like it. Their nostalgic sound is present in their video, kind of representing the 1940's style. Soldiers and nurses knew how to party back then.

This song is on their most recent album, The Rip Tide, in case you did not know. Watch the video below.


Video: Dr. Dog - "Warrior Man"

The ever growing popular rock band, Dr. Dog from Philly, recently released their album Be The Void. That record already produced a visual for the song "That Old Black Hole," and the song "Warrior Man" also has a  video. Apparently this was uploaded back in January, but I missed it. The video is in black & white and basically shows their everyday band life. Check it below.

Via Stereogum


Reptar - "Sebastian"

Indie band Reptar just announced their debut album Body Faucet,  releasing on May 1st via Vagrant. The album is produced by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, Washed Out), so you know some good sound will be coming from this album. To celebrate, you can grab a free download with your email address of their single, "Sebastian."  Listen and download below.

Connect with Reptar: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Sound FX - "21 in Vegas"

It has been a minute since we posted some Sound FX music, but the duo are hard at work on two projects: The Sunset LP and the upcoming Things Fall Apart: A Prelude To The Sunset. But, to keep us excited for these projects, Sound FX has graciously dropped another track for us to enjoy. "21 in Vegas" I think now is the third or fourth song from the prelude album, and once again it's a goody. Listen and download below.

Connect with Sound FXFacebook | Twitter | Website


BadBadNotGood - BBNG Live 2 (Album)

One of the surprises of late last year was the jazz band BadBadNotGood and their wild hip hop covers. Now, jazz and hip hop always go well together, but the band has a knack for turning the energy up with aggressive jazz sounds. Yesterday, they released BBNG Live 2 to stream,  which was recorded during the band's set at the Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards on January 21st. Some of these songs have already been heard, but there is some new stuff, like the James Blake covers. You can buy this when it is officially released in March.


Robin Pecknold - "Olivia, In a Separate Bed" (New Solo Song)

If you do not recognize the name Robin Pecknold, then maybe you have heard of a folk band by the name of Fleet Foxes? Pecknold is the vocalist/guitar player/songwriter of the band and really the genius behind the music. The young singer took to the Fleet Foxes Facebook page to released a demo version of a solo song called, "Olivia, In a Separate Bed."  The acoustic strums and Pecknold's flawless vocals are the beauty of this track. He wrote under the Soundcloud player: "New demo, new song. Sadsack mode. Will probably change." Listen below.


Stalley - "Midnight Satori"

As of now, you are well aware of the series of songs that Ohio native Stalley has been dropping for our listening pleasure. As he approaches the release of his new mixtape, Savage Journey to the American Dream, this series of jams is proving as a nice warm up. Again, Block Beataz is on the production credits for "Midnight Satori." Listen and download below.'


Video: The KickDrums – “Want My Blood” ft. Rockie Fresh & DZ Deathrays

Just last week we shared the awesome new tune by The Kickdrums featuring Chicago emcee Rockie Fresh and Australia's DZ Deathrays. The blend of hip hop and noisy rock provided for a energetic jam, and now we have the video where that energy continues. Expect The Kickdrums to drop even more golden tunes as their new mixtape Follow The Leaders draws closer to its March release. The tape will have features from Lana Del Rey, A$AP Rocky, and many more. Watch below.


Madlib - "Doom vs. Jadakiss" (Remix)

Dropping an album of quite essential "mash-ups," hip hop producer Madlib will be releasing the Madlib Medicine Show #13: Black Tape. While I'm not usually big on these type of things, when you see a name like Madlib behind this, it is definitely worth a listen. Apparently this project has been pushed back multiple times as the printing presses were giving them issues for the content of the artwork, although it is now expected to come out in March. You can listen to the mash of Doom and Jadakiss below to get a taste of this project.

And sorry kiddies, you'll have to be 18 to purchase this, but like that has ever stopped ya from getting your hands on adult content. 


School of Seven Bells - Ghostory (Album Stream)

A few weeks back we shared some tracks from the pop duo School of Seven Bells upcoming album, Ghostory. The music was sounding pretty good, so I was excited to see there was a full album stream before the album comes out February 28th. It is currently streaming thanks to Hypem. Listen to the full record below.

Connect with School of Seven Bells: Facebook | Twitter | Website


J. Cole - "Grew Up Fast"

The new trend for a lot of bands or artists is too drop a previously unreleased track or a quick new song if they hit a certain number of Twitter followers. It works and people love it, especially music blogs who get to share these new tracks. North Carolina rapper and producer J. Cole hit the 2 million mark and released a brand new track as a thank you to all the love. However, this song wasn't some pre-done track, nor is it a rushed or unfinished cut. No, with J. Cole it is perfection. "Grew Up Fast" is probably one of the best songs he has released in awhile. Although lyrically, it might have similar aspects to previous Cole tracks, he still manages to keep your attention. Listen and download below.


Video: Gonjasufi - "The Blame"

It seems like every music video that Gonjasufi releases gets better and better.  This one, for the song "The Blame" off his most recent release, MU.ZZ.LE., is the best I've seen so far.  It's very beautiful and well-shot; it's kind of like the epic trailer for "Gonjasufi: The Movie" or something because its just him walking around LA, doing his thing.  "The Blame" is definitely one of my favorite tracks off of MU.ZZ.LE. too.  Watch below.


M.Ward - "Primitive Girl"

Earlier this month M. Ward released the first new single and video off his upcoming solo album A Wasteland Companion. I was really enjoying that first single, but was awaiting more from the album and we got that with "Primitive Girl." The second single is heavy on he piano and catchy hooks, very 60's pop vibe. You can stream "Primitive Girl" below and pick up the album on April 10th.


G-Eazy - "Marilyn"

The New Orleans emcee drops some new music for us with another G-Eazy classic sound called "Marilyn." 2012 we are hoping is a big year for him and from the looks of it, it should be. Listen to the new cut below and be prepared for more quality tunes. This guy should be on your radar.


Michael Uzowuru - "Glass"

I wish when I was younger I got into learning programs about producing music. It certainly isn't the easiest thing, but it seems fun getting to think of and create some wild, imaginative stuff. Michael Uzowuru, the sometimes collaborative kid with Odd Future, has been producing some interesting tracks lately. He went on his Tumblr page and released a dark, groovin' beat. As of now it is just an instrumental, but I'd love to hear some rappers on this. Check it out below.

Via Hypetrak


Joywave - "True Grit"

We were introduced to the Rochester, New York band Joywave, thanks to the good folks at Tympanogram, who currently are handling their PR and Vinyl releases. Their indie/alternative new wave sound really struck a cord with me, especially on their mixtape 77777, which was quite successful. Now, in 2012 they are back with a new single and a new EP Koda Vista. The seven song EP will be out in March.

The single, "True Grit" has a darker, synth-heavy sound, but again is a winning song for the guys. You can snag the new song for free below and you can pre-order the album here.

Connect with Joywave: Facebook | Twitter | Web


Battles - "White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)"

Check out this crazy remix of Battles' song "White Electric" by the one and only, Shabazz Palaces.  The song is off Battles' 12" vinyl remix series called Dross Glop which features all kinds of artists remixing tracks from their 2011 album Gloss Drop.  The first part of the series was released last week and featured remixes by Gui Boratto and The Field.  The Shabazz remix is on the second part which dropped yesterday and also features The Alchemist and Kode9 remixes.  Check out Shabazz's excellent remix below.


Video: Santigold - "Disparate Youth"

Here's another new track off Santigold's upcoming sophomore album Master Of MY Make Believe called "Disparate Youth".  This track, like the two previous new tracks she's releases, boasts some really incredible production and this one is chock full of beautiful synths.  Right now, Santigold can do no wrong in my eyes.  Hope the new album is really awesome.  Listen to "Disparate Youth" and watch the simple, but nifty accompanying video below.


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