Andre 3000, Damon Albarn and James Murphy - "DoYaThing"

If you haven't heard yet, James Murphy, of LCD Soundsystem, Damon Albarn, the man behind the Gorillaz and the singer for the Blur, and Andre 3000 who needs no introduction, got together in the studio to record the newest installment of Converse's "three artists, one song" series.  There's been a lot of talk about this because these three artists are pretty awesome on their own and no one ever expected them to collaborate, but the result is pretty incredible.  The three recorded a four-minute single version of the song, but the real result is a 13-minute, mostly improvised version where Andre 3000 gives an insane vocal performance where he riffs on the phrase "I'm the shit!" in an awesome way while Murphy and Albarn make the beat explode.  This is unlike anything I've heard from any of these artists and Andre's performance tops about everything he's ever done for Outkast; think about that for a minute.  Listen to the single version below and listen to the incredibly awesome, amazing, "I'm the shit!!" version here. (via The End)

I'm the shit!!



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