Big Two-Hearted - "dROPXlife" (dropxlife remix)

Big Two-Hearted is the musical explorations of the producer/vocalist known only as big2soul and handful of other collaborators.  The group is based out of Western PA and together they are trying to create music that is truly unique.  Their songs up to this point have been mostly experimental ideas pushed to their natural extremes, but they are set to self-release a debut mixtape, Last Year., in the coming months which will be a much more focused effort.  Here's the first taste of that mixtape, a remix of dropxlife's "bexforever".  Check out Big Two-Hearted's soundcloud and bandcamp sites for a better idea of what they do as the songs vary a lot.  Listen and download "dROPXlife" below.

Full Disclosure: I am friends with these guys and sometimes one of their collaborators.



Dope. it irritates me that we know nothing about dropxlife but his music.

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