Unsigned Friday: The Can't Tells

Another Friday is upon us (thank the good Lord) and with that comes the weekly post of Unsigned Fridays. Again, I have had plenty of submissions but 95% do not follow instructions so you get deleted. Sorry. So to make sure everyone who submits understands, send me the below format with your answers attached with any social media links. As long as you are not completely terrible, I will get you a spot. Promise. Now, check out some noise-rock and learn a bit about The Can't Tells.

Who: The Can't Tells are Blaze McKenzie, Mike Disanto and Jonathan Smith

What: DIY rock. Super loud. Fairly sweaty

Where: Brooklyn, NY (what what)

When: We've been playing together in some form for about 5 years but late in 2009 is when we became The Can't Tells. We put out our first record in early 2011 and are finishing the second with a new single already out

Why: We love writing, recording and playing music, especially playing it LOUD. We want to share the love

Biggest Moment: Really, absolutely nothing has happened. But we do have a sweet mini van and Jon has a mustache. Basically we're ready to take on the world

Connect with The Can't Tells: Facebook | Website


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