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Dirty Projectors - "Gun Has No Trigger"

The Dirty Projectors are wrapping up their new album, which is following up on their 2009 record Bitte Orca. This new album is due out later this Spring on Domino Records and based on this new song, this might be an album to add to the list of ones to look forward to. The indie group let loose "Gun Has No Trigger," which has a mellow, but catchy sound. Listen below.


Cities Aviv - "Normal Immortal"

Cities Aviv is one of those artists doing something different from the standard rap music. He blends aspects of experimental, psychedelic, and lo-fi elements that fuse into one odd, but interesting sound. He sort of coined his own sound, which is a pretty cool thing to do. Aviv returned with a new song yesterday though called "Normal Immortal," which takes on a more in-your-face/aggressive sound. Give it a listen below and download if you like.


Stalley - Savage Journey to the American Dream (Mixtape)

After weeks of teasing us with daily bangers off his mixtape Savage Journey to the American Dream, Stalley delivers in perfect time for the weekend. The Ohio native is making sure with this latest tape that he is here to stay, especially after his Lincoln Way Nights tape, which will probably go down as his best. But Stalley created another solid mixtape and soon to follow is his debut album. You can expect some appearances from the boss, Ricky Ross, along with Wale, Curren$y, and a few more with heavy production from Block Beataz. Listen and download below.


Jai Paul - "Jasmine" (New)

Quite funny that the other day when I posted Niia's cover of Jai Paul's hit "BTSTU," I had mentioned that he had such a huge amount of buzz with that song and then virtually disappeared. Well, spoke too soon because he released a brand new tune (finally!) and it was well worth the wait. The XL Records signee released a song called "Jasmine" about a half hour ago and as Listen Before You Buy points out, this might have been an earlier demo. Listen below.


Spank Rock - "Car Song" ft. Santigold (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

As soon I was peeping on The Fader this afternoon, I spotted this crazy combination of Spank Rock, Santigold, and Seattle's experimental hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces. I mean this has got to be dope with Shabazz Palaces remixing Spank Rock, and it is. "Car Song" is from Spank Rock's album Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar, and features Santigold on the hook, but Shabazz takes this song to a new dimension. According to The Fader, “'Car Song' will be released digitally as a single on April 10th, hand-in-hand with a remix EP of four songs from Everything is Boring." Listen below.

Via The Fader


Maps & Atlases - "Fever"

On April 17th, Chicago based band Maps & Atlases will be releasing their full-length album Beware & Be Grateful via Barsuk Records. This new album will be their second and is shaping up to be a great start for 2012.

Beware & Be Grateful was recorded last year in a series of sessions at ARC Studios with producer Jason Cupp (Nurses, Good Old War). And what better way to get you excited for the record but to debut a new song called "Fever" and make it available for free download. You pre-order the album here. Listen below and download here.


A Collection of the Best Danny Brown Lines

When I first saw and heard Danny Brown I initially dismissed it. I mean this guy has one eccentric and oddball rap voice with a goofy ass style. But it got me thinking, so what? This is who he is and he knows how to be himself and stand out from the crowd of rappers. Not long after I basically ignored his mixtape XXX, I gave it another go and I'm glad I did. The sometimes wild, shocking, and often hilarious songs feature rap bars that no one else can quite pull of like Brown. His wordplay with his flow will make you question what the hell you just heard, but that is the beauty of Danny Brown. Below are some of my favorite lines, whether they are funny, serious, vulgar, or downright outlandish, these show how Danny Brown has become a hot commodity in the past few months. Brown has a ton of good lines and there may even be better ones, but these are some that stand out to me. If you want to read more lyrics or know what the hell some of them mean, hit up Rap Genius right here for all Danny Brown's songs.

"So now his turn up, fixing up to bat, Pitching singles to the label when I use to pitch crack"  - Danny Brown "30"

"40 on the floor mat a leave ya holey moley, Banana in her tailpipe will her act so folly"  Danny Brown - "Black & Brown"

"I fuck bad bitches to Stacy Lattisaw, While you n**gas got blue balls like a Avatar, Eating caviar in El Salvador, She running from my dick like it's a bull and she the matador, She a pregnant Labrador, Said my metaphors are the highest caliber."  Danny Brown - "Adderall Admiral"

"Swishers on Schwarzenegger, Matter fact, nah n**ga, they on Boa Constrictors, they'll choke a n**ga" Danny Brown - "Outer Space"

"I'm gone off a Zanny nodding off watching menace, Rolling on some purple that my n**ga call Grimmace"  Danny Brown - "Blunt After Blunt"

"Got a fetish for anything the color of lettuce, But they cut the horses' wings yeah, a Pegasus"  Danny Brown - "Demons & Angels"

"I'm a borderline porcupine, A step from drinking turpentine, Just to wash down a plate of these wack rappers rhymes"  Danny Brown - "Detroit 187"

I'm fifth floor at the Bellagio, Vegas bitches that's resembling Rosario, Dawson, awesome, hit the head, Mario" Danny Brown - "Greatest Rapper Ever"

"Excited for garments like it tailor made, And when these bitches see me man they wetter than the everglades" Danny Brown - "Grown Up"

"Ready to hit the studio and shit all on your mixtape, Nah, literally, shit all on your mixtape, Wipe with the credits, leave stains on the jewel case"  Danny Brown - "Monopoly"

"Colder than them grits they fed slaves, Me to rap is like water to raves" Danny Brown - "XXX"

"Used to slang for weeks without Degree under my underarms" Danny Brown - "The Hybrid (Solar Bars)"

"Sagging in Scottie Pippens, kid on a Gotti mission, But see his downfall, your best friend snitchin'" Danny Brown - "Re-Up"

"Sniffing adderall off the counter in my kitchen, Tripping off the shit that had Brian Wilson flipping, Experiment so much it's a miracle I'm living"  Danny Brown - "Die Like A Rockstar"

Reptar - "Orifice Origami"

Reptar has released another track called "Orifice Origami," which is from their debut album Body Faucet (out May 1st).  I've been enjoying this indie rock tune and I think you guys will like it as well. The fuzzy guitars, hand-claps, and overall good feel should make this your new favorite Friday jam. If you are interested in more from Reptar, check out their social networks as they will be playing a lot of live shows this year.


Willis Earl Beal - Acousmatic Sorcery (Album Stream)

So, many of you probably already know who Willis Earl Beal is. He pretty much has gotten attention on most blogs and music sources on the web, but mine. Reason being, I post stuff that I and the other writers like, its why we are sharing it with you. For me, I hear the talent of Willis Earl Beal, but I can't really listen to more than one song in a listening session. The music is really stripped down with the focus on Beal,'s soulful vocals, but it has a recording style from the early 1900's. It's just not really my thing. But I'm sharing it because I think many of you might be interested in him and I wanted to hear your thoughts. His debut album called Acousmatic Sorcery is due out next week via XL Records.


Jahlil Beats - Legend Season (Mixtape)

Jahlil Beats was the go to producer for Meek Mill and the duo always created some wild ass songs. In fact most of Meek's pre-MMG bangers were produced by Jahlil. Earlier today, the hip hop producer released a brand new tape called Legend Season feauturing 40+ songs with guests that include Meek Mill, Jim Jones, Red Cafe, and more. This tape should keep the party poppin' for the weekend. Listen and download below.


Video: Hoodie Allen - "No Interruption"

If you weren't a believer in the music of Hoodie Allen, then this year shall be the time your opinion will change. In 2011 we saw Hoodie's fan base grow exponentially, but with his charisma and fan interaction that just makes sense. Although it has been awhile since we heard some new material, Hoodie kept us updated that he was working on an EP Now, we have his first new single called "No Interruption," off his debut EP All American out April 10th. To bring in this new song, Hoodie released a video, which has a more professional, clean look to it. You can buy the single right here and stay up to date on his latest tour on his website. Watch below.


Jay Rock - "Checkmate"

I remember a few years back when I first heard hip hop artist Jay Rock, that he would make it big. But, surprisingly he never took off like he should have, but now that he has teamed up with West Coast rap collective Black Hippy, things should change. Black Hippy is comprised of Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, & Ab-Soul, so Jay Rock is in good company. Each bring something unique to the group, with Jay Rock having more of the "street" side. His new joint is called "Checkmate" and you'll want to turn the volume up on this one. Listen and download below.


Video: Frankie Rose - "Night Swim"

Frankie Rose is coming off a pretty successful year and will only gain momentum in 2012. Her album Interstellar is a good listen, so you should probably check that out. But in the meantime, one of her songs from that album, "Night Swim," now has a new video with some fresh color effects. The action mostly takes place with underwater scenes, but it goes nicely with the track and is fitting with the title. Watch below.


Teen Daze - "Fantasy"

With an upcoming tour, Teen Daze has put together a little project called EU Tour EP. This EP will be available at his shows, so if you want to pick one up you'll have to check him out live. Yesterday, a song was released as a first taste of what to expect on the EP called "Fantasy." There is good vibes all around with this really upbeat, synthy-pop track. Listen below.


Stalley - "Home To You" ft. Wale & Anthony Flammia

Stalley is approaching the release date of his upcoming tape Savage Journey to the American Dream, which actually drops tomorrow so look out for that on here. But to get you more pumped for this project, Stalley let's loose another leak called "Home To You" featuring MMG family member Wale and Anthony Flammia, who is new to me. The track is produced by the go to Block Beattaz, which always helps Stalley shine more. Listen and download this jam below.


Buddy - "Staircases" ft. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. Pharrell)

This is a pretty huge deal for the new emcee Buddy, who not only snagged Kendrick Lamar for some guest verses, but production from Pharrell. That will make people listen, but do not just think the only reason Buddy has got some buzz is because he has these big names on his track. Buddy holds his own well and I think you'll be hearing a lot more from him. Yesterday, a CD quality version of the song "Staircases" finally hit the web and it is solid. This will be on his upcoming project, Idle Time. You can listen and download the tune below.


Video: SBTRKT - "Hold on"

That masked producer of dub, bass, & electronic sound is back with a video for his more recent song "Hold On." The video begins quite innocent actually, but expect the whole normal look to change quickly. The clip finds us watching a man who is trying to get back to a woman we'll presume is his girlfriend or wife before she leaves him. However, he gets stuck in this weird situation where the same thing happens over and over as he try's to catch up to her. Check it out below.


Get More:

Artist: Rae Cassidy Klagstad

There's not much information online about Milwaukee-based artist Rae Cassidy Klagstad even though she's one of the most talented young singer-songwriters I've heard in awhile.  Up until late last year, the only music she had online was an EP she made when she was 16, on Myspace (yes, it still exists) and a couple albums on Amazon.  I first heard of her when she did guest vocals on a couple Copeland tracks from their 2008 album You Are My Sunshine.  Copeland--a sort-of Christian-influenced, Floridian band--has since broke up, but without them probably no one would have ever heard Klagstad's beautiful voice.  The Copeland fans that listened to that album were introduced to a voice that is other-worldly in its beauty and grace.  I'm sure most of them, like me, scoured the internet to find more music by this girl, who was only 17 at the time the album came out, and subsequently found the aforementioned EP.

That EP, which as far as I know doesn't have a title, was a collection of four beautiful and unique songs that sounded like they were written by a very introspective and passionate child.  They sounded like they were produced in Audacity too, but the quality of the production didn't matter, the beauty shined through it.  The next year, Klagstad put out two albums on Amazon, My Darling and Darling Child, which contained those four songs and others she made around the same time, but I never got around to purchasing them.  Over the last four years though, I have found myself returning to those four songs I did have by Klagstad frequently, whenever I needed to listen to a beautiful voice or wanted to transport myself to simpler, more innocent time.  I also met her, back in 2009 after a show she did at Cornerstone Music Festival, and she left an impression on me; it wasn't just her beauty or how nice she was, it was that feeling you get when you meet somebody who is filled with talent, and the world doesn't know about them yet.

I was reminded of Klagstad the other day when my friends, Big Two-Hearted, sampled one of her songs to start off their EP.  I thought I would google her name again to see if she was working on anything new.  Turns out she uploaded some new music this past November to her Bandcamp and still existent Myspace page.  It really makes no sense that she isn't hugely popular by now.  I'm not sure if the labels are too ignorant to take notice or if she is purposefully avoiding that spotlight until she is older and ready.  But, the fact that she has made some new music after taking an almost three year break is a good sign that we can expect big things from her in the future, especially with how good these new songs are.  What makes even less sense is that most blogs haven't caught on to her talent either.  I'm hoping to change that, at least on this one.  Listen to Klagstad's new EP, Dreamt Beneath the Cassidy Tree, and watch a video of her performing at home below.

Connect with Rae Cassidy Klagstad: Bandcamp | Myspace | Twitter


Knxwledge - Hexual. Sealings. Vol. 2 (Album)

I posted a fresh tune by Philadelphia bred hip hop producer Knxwledge back near the end of February, which was off his then upcoming project Hexual.Sealings.Vol. 2. That album was due out March 8th, and I somehow neglected to follow up on that record. So being just a few weeks days late (My b), I'll share this with you now. The young producer has steadily gained an array of followers thanks to his consistently on point tracks and his DIY approach. Surely you have already heard some of his bangers, but he knocks it out of the park with this 12 track album. Listen below and if you are feeling it, definitely purchase it.


Damon Albarn - "The Marvelous Dream"

Damon Albarn is a music genius. Pretty much all there is to say about the former Blur frontman and Gorillaz mastermind. Yet, Albarn also has his music talents in other realms as well, but for now is working on his solo material. His first single "The Marvelous Dream" is off the upcoming album Dr. Dee, out May 8th. The song is pretty mellow and the focus is really Albarn's vocals, which are always unique and fantastic. Listen to the new cut below.


Hoodie Allen - "Moon Bounce" (Brenton Duvall Remix)

Hoodie Allen may very well take over the world this summer with his recent announced tour, but Hoodie is already doing it big and its only a matter of time before you see him everywhere. Last year he released his mixtape Leap Year, which was probably his biggest success so far and that will definitely carry over for his new material. One of the stand out tracks from that tape is "Moon Bounce," and it now has even more bounce thanks to producer Brenton Duvall. Listen and download to tune below.


Video: Death Grips - "The Fever (Aye Aye)"

I have to say, Death Grips scare the hell out of me, but damn they are fascinating. I mean you really can't take your eyes off their videos or stop listening to their songs. The band signed to Epic not too long ago, and since then they have not slowed down. The most recent video is for the song called "Fever (Aye  Aye)," which is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from them with an in your face video. Watch below and their album The Money Store is out April 24th.


The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver - "Ashes in the Air"

This is an interesting combination, but something you could totally envision working. For the upcoming Record Store Day, The Flaming Lips put together a compilation album called The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (Got to love that title). They worked with a lot of random artists that include Yoko Ono, Ke$ha, and Bon Iver. The band released a song called "Ashes in the Air" that features Justin Vernon the leader of Bon Iver. You can listen to this song below and the album will be out April 21st.

Via Pitchfork


Side 1:
01. 2012 (feat. Ke$ha and Biz Markie)
02. Ashes In The Air (feat. Bon Iver)
03. Helping The Retarded To Know God (feat. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

Side 2:
04. Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee (feat. Prefuse 73)
05. Children Of The Moon (feat. Tame Impala)
06. That Ain’t My Trip (feat. Jim James of My Morning Jacket)
07. You, Man? Human? (feat. Nick Cave)

Side 3:
08. I’m Working At NASA On Acid (feat. Lightning Bolt)
09. Do It! (feat. Yoko Ono)
10. Is David Bowie Dying? (feat. Neon Indian)

Side 4:
11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (feat. Erykah Badu)
12. Thunder Drops (feat. New Fumes)
13. I Don’t Want You To Die (feat. Chris Martin of Coldplay)

Azad Right - " Old School"

I've been in support of west coast rapper Azad Right for some time now, in fact back last spring many blogs were not posting him. Yet, you can find Right on pretty many blogs now and I'm glad his name is getting out there more. He just released a new song the other day called "Old School," which might have a familiar tune sampled. If you do not recognize it, Azad raps over a sample of indie/pop band Phantogram's "When I'm Small." That touch of electronic and indie with hip hop always seems to gel together with ease, and Azad adds his lyrical flow to complete this four minute song of goodness. Listen and download below.


A-Trak - "Piss Test" ft. Juicy J & Danny Brown

DJ and producer A-Trak previewed for us a few days ago a new song called "Piss Test," which featured Juicy J and oddball rapper Danny Brown. The track is suppose to be on an upcoming Fool's Gold Records compilation album that is titled Loosies. Earlier today, the song became available to hear in its entirety, which is what I was waiting for. The single is now available on iTunes, with a dirty and clean version, but lets be real, the dirtier the better. You can buy that right here or stream the jam below.

Via Hypetrak


The Movement - One More Night (Album)

So far this week I'm really jumping back into my reggae collection, I guess it is the spirit of Spring and the upcoming Summer. Yesterday I posted about artist/producer Alific and today I have some more good reggae vibes for you. The Movement released a new record last week called One More Night and I knew I would share this considering I was amazed by the talent of these guys when I saw them live two summers ago. They opened up for The Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome, and that might of been the most crowded opening act performance I've seen.

This new album blends reggae, soul, pop, and hip hop elements into one, the sort of blend you sort of expect from most modern reggae bands. Yet, The Movement just has this special sound that will connect with you. The vocals, lyrics, and music arrangements will get you lost into another realm. Listen to the new album below and purchase it if you are feeling this.

Connect with The Movement: Facebook | Website


Japandroids - "The House That Heaven Built"

I've been waiting for some new music from Japandroids and the duo finally delivers. The new song is called "The House That Heaven Built," which is from their upcoming album Celebration Rock. The album doesn't come out until June, but you can grab the 7" single on May 15th with a cover of Nick Seed and the Bad Seeds, "Jack the Ripper." Besides the album, the Japandroids are going to have plenty of tour dates in both the states and Europe. Listen to their new song over at Soundcloud.

Via Stereogum


Tenacious D - "To Be The Best" & "Rize of the Fenix"

Music has been missing some good Tenacious D music, and the duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass have returned with a new song called "Rize of the Fenix," which is the title track of their upcoming third album. They also released a new 6 minute music video for another song called "To Be The Best." The comedy rock style had proven pretty successful for these guys, although their last album The Pick of Destiny pretty much tanked. But as this new songs suggest, Tenacious D isn't ready to quit and are going to rise to the top again. At this point, who knows if that will hold true, but these new songs are solid. Listen to a snippet of "Rize of the Fenix" and watch the video for "To Be The Best" below. Rize of the Fenix is out May 15th.


M. Ward - A Wasteland Companion (Album Stream)

I tell you, if you want to hear quality streams of albums officially, then NPR is the place to be. They have almost all the latest music streams where other outlets wouldn't have it, and they are the legal streams so you know they won't get taken down in 2 hours. Yesterday I shared Bear In Heaven's new album to stream courtesy of NPR, but they also posted M.Ward's new record. However, I saved that one for today. This was another album I was interested in getting to hear and now we have it. Listen below.


Best Coast - "The Only Place"

The anticipation for the new Best Coast album is causing people to get quite antsy, including us at Oh So Fresh. While the new album The Only Place, is not due out until May 15th, that date is quickly approaching. Yet Best Coast loves their fans and put out a free download of the title track today for the price of an email address. I'd say that's worth a Best Coast song. Download "The Only Place" below.


Silversun Pickups - "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)"

The Silversun Pickups had caught my attention as soon as I heard their debut tune "Lazy Eye" a few years ago. Since then, the band has really only gotten better. They will be returning later this Spring with their new album titled Neck Of The Woods, which is their third album. But, the LA alt-rock band really made my day when they released the lead track from the album called "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)," which again is another song you'll want to have your windows down, volume up for. Listen below.


Big Two-Hearted - Rising Sun EP

Big Two-Hearted posted a link to their new EP, Rising Sun, last week on their twitter, along with a story about how they feel bad for not having their Last Year. mixtape done yet and that, luckily, an alien gave them some new music to release under their name.  Weird right?  Then, you listen to the EP and it doesn't seem so weird.  The new music isn't really explained, all it says is "....unique...." and that the production and vocals were done by Big2soul.  I really don't know if this is a Big2soul solo EP or what, but the music is definitely unique and pretty interesting, in my biased opinion.  The first song samples "Cameo Brigade" by Rae Cassidy Klagstad.  Take a listen below.


Connect with Big Two-Hearted: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter

Artist: Alific

I have not written a new artist post in a long time, and thought I needed to bring it back.With this post (in case you need a refresher) its just a new artist we are digging that we'd like to introduce you too. Today I introduce you to artist/producer Alific. The name is a moniker for Brendan Dane, who's music influences range from reggae, dub, and rock (similar to the likes of Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, and Rebelution). Yet, Dane also produces his music besides singing, and tends to just have good-vibe instrumentals without vocals.

While attending college, he learned more about recording, producing, and engineering, which certainly helped him hone some skills. By continuing to learn and be influenced by more music, he has found the perfect outlet in Alific to release some really addicting music. Currently residing in the DC area, Alific released his debut album last August called Dub in the District, in which he combined every unique aspect of reggae into one, 10-track album. If you are looking for music to get you in that summer mood, this album is it. Yet, what makes me respect his work more is how much he put into this project with arrangement, production, lyrics, and recording all done himself in a home studio. This is how it is done kids.

Connect with Alific: Facebook | Website


The Lower Class - "The Sound in the Soul"

The reason I started doing the Unsigned Friday posts was to give some of the underdogs a chance to be heard or discovered. Granted, I do write regular posts of some unsigned talent, but I'm quite selective about that. This might be one of the first times that an Unsigned Friday post is getting a regular post after. The Lower Class, a young hip hop group who I introduced a few months back (read here), has returned with a new song called "The Sound in the Soul." I gave the song a listen to see what kind of sound they had going for their new upcoming project, and it's easy to see these kids have a damn good chance of making it in the industry. The beat has a mellow and soulful vibe, plus the young guns flow with ease on the beat. Already gaining 1k+ hits in 2 days with nothing but their marketing skills is showing something. Do I think this kids have the most ridiculous wordplay? Not quite, but they are well on their way. Listen and download to the track below.


Niia - "BTSTU" (Jai Paul Cover)

Jai Paul had released one of those classic tunes that really stay with you back in 2011 with "BTSTU," but he basically disappeared. I'm hoping that means that he has something good in the works, but until then you can enjoy a sweet cover tune by Niia. She covered this song awhile ago (almost a year ago) and it recently started appearing on the web, but it should be heard as it is really good. You can listen and download below. Also for more covers and tunes, you can check out her Soundcloud page.


Mount Eerie - "House Shape"

Mount Eerie is new to me, but from what I've heard so far,  it's helping me get quite familiar. The project's mastermind is Phil Elverum, who plans on releasing two albums this year. Seems like a hardworking and daunting task, but we have seen a few artists pull this off with relative ease. The first album is called Clear Moon and should come out in May with the first single, "House Shape." It's hard to describe the song and how it sounds, but I think you can make your own decisions on what you'd label this. Listen below.


Bear In Heaven - I Love You, It's Cool (Album Stream)

Since we previewed some new music from Bear In Heaven, I became really excited about their new album I Love You, It's Cool. As a blogger, I come across stuff all the time that is brand new to me, but in reality the band has been around for longer and really makes me wonder how all this great stuff gets missed, which is what happened when I missed this bands epic second album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth. Now since finding these guys on a lot of my favorite blogs, I've been able to get into their music and keep updated.  

Bear In Heaven will be releasing this new record on April 3rd, but NPR has an exclusive album stream a week ahead for your listening pleasure. The synthy-indie rock sound is there and I think this album will be one many of you will want to pick up next week. Listen below.


R.M. Hendrix - "Summer Dresses"

What better way to start off the nice weather with some girls, beaches, sun, and rock & roll? That is what R.M. Hendrix creates with his noisy, garage rock sound on "Summer Girls." The Massachusetts native has been a part of numerous music projects, but it hasn't stopped him from creating additional tunes. With Hendrix's song "Summer Girls," you get that sound that is perfect to drive around town, windows down, with the volume cranked up. Listen below.


Azealia Banks - "F*ck Up The Fun" (Prod. Diplo)

Not sure what to really think of Azealia Banks quite yet, but I will say she seems to be a step ahead of any other recent female"rapper." Apparently, earlier in the weekend she premiered a new track in Japan called "Fuck Up The Fun" and now we have the official track. The song has that dance heavy sound, but that would be because of DJ/producer Diplo who lends his talents to Banks. Listen and download below.


Birdy - "Skinny Love" (Bon Iver Cover Live on Conan)

Birdy is a young, but powerful singer. How young you ask? Fifteen and her vocals are quite powerful, which she shows off on Conan covering some Bon Iver. The female singer is from England and she has become quite a sensation covering popular indie tunes, but doing a damn good job. Some covers include Phoenix’s “1901,” Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal,” The Postal Services’ “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight,” The xx’s “Shelter,” The National’s “Terrible Love," and now "Skinny Love" from Bon Iver is added to that list. Watch the live performance below.


Gonjasufi - "Houndogs"

It's been a slow weekend for new music and the weather outside is kind of shitty, so we need some good music to brighten up the day. Experimental and psychedelic performer Gonjasufi from Los Angeles released a new tune on his Facebook page. It's called "Houndogs." It was mentioned that Flying Lotus had sent the music over from a David Lynch track and Gonjasufi wanted to do his thing on it. You can stream the song below, but you have to scroll down to play it.

Via Prefix


Lower Dens - "Propagation"

With a new album in the works and a released date approaching (May 1), Baltimore's Lower Dens is sharing another hazy, yet hypnotic track called "Propagation." Until the May release of that album called Nootropics, Lower Dens is releasing their first single "Brains" on March 27th along with this one and a b-side called "Hours."  You can also catch them in April when they go on a decently long tour. Listen to "Propagation" below.


J.Cole - "Drank In My Cup" (Original Freestyle)

So want to talk about something awkward? The other day a remix of Kirko Bangz's "Drank In MY Cup" dropped with a feature from J.Cole, which is a hell of a single. But J. Cole was not too pleased when they edited his verse up and it got altered in a way he didn't like, so he took to Twitter to vent his frustrations. He then posted a stream of the original, which you can listen to.

"This is the original freestyle. How it was supposed to be heard before ni**as violated and chopped my shit."


Video: Walk the Moon - "Anna Sun"

Walk the Moon is an indie-rock band from Cincinnati, OH and was one of the thousands of bands who performed at SXSW this year. This was their second consecutive attendance at the Austin music and film festival, with previous experience performing at Lollapalooza and Sasquatch Music Festival. The band knows how to encompass listeners in the live music experience by sharing face-painting supplies with the crowd and incorporating incessantly catchy dance anthems begging to be sung along with.

Walk the Moon has an undeniably pop backbone with a flare for synth and accentuating the art in making music. With plenty of neon decor bombarding the retinas and a dash of goofy humor, Walk the Moon's video for "Anna Sun" off their 2012 Anna Sun EP is a tribute to youth. The video was shot in one take, adhering to the popular videography style of this generation. "Anna Sun" oozes playfulness and encourages us all not to take ourselves too seriously. Have some fun with Walk the Moon's "Anna Sun" video.

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