Artist: Alific

I have not written a new artist post in a long time, and thought I needed to bring it back.With this post (in case you need a refresher) its just a new artist we are digging that we'd like to introduce you too. Today I introduce you to artist/producer Alific. The name is a moniker for Brendan Dane, who's music influences range from reggae, dub, and rock (similar to the likes of Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, and Rebelution). Yet, Dane also produces his music besides singing, and tends to just have good-vibe instrumentals without vocals.

While attending college, he learned more about recording, producing, and engineering, which certainly helped him hone some skills. By continuing to learn and be influenced by more music, he has found the perfect outlet in Alific to release some really addicting music. Currently residing in the DC area, Alific released his debut album last August called Dub in the District, in which he combined every unique aspect of reggae into one, 10-track album. If you are looking for music to get you in that summer mood, this album is it. Yet, what makes me respect his work more is how much he put into this project with arrangement, production, lyrics, and recording all done himself in a home studio. This is how it is done kids.

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