Artist: Rae Cassidy Klagstad

There's not much information online about Milwaukee-based artist Rae Cassidy Klagstad even though she's one of the most talented young singer-songwriters I've heard in awhile.  Up until late last year, the only music she had online was an EP she made when she was 16, on Myspace (yes, it still exists) and a couple albums on Amazon.  I first heard of her when she did guest vocals on a couple Copeland tracks from their 2008 album You Are My Sunshine.  Copeland--a sort-of Christian-influenced, Floridian band--has since broke up, but without them probably no one would have ever heard Klagstad's beautiful voice.  The Copeland fans that listened to that album were introduced to a voice that is other-worldly in its beauty and grace.  I'm sure most of them, like me, scoured the internet to find more music by this girl, who was only 17 at the time the album came out, and subsequently found the aforementioned EP.

That EP, which as far as I know doesn't have a title, was a collection of four beautiful and unique songs that sounded like they were written by a very introspective and passionate child.  They sounded like they were produced in Audacity too, but the quality of the production didn't matter, the beauty shined through it.  The next year, Klagstad put out two albums on Amazon, My Darling and Darling Child, which contained those four songs and others she made around the same time, but I never got around to purchasing them.  Over the last four years though, I have found myself returning to those four songs I did have by Klagstad frequently, whenever I needed to listen to a beautiful voice or wanted to transport myself to simpler, more innocent time.  I also met her, back in 2009 after a show she did at Cornerstone Music Festival, and she left an impression on me; it wasn't just her beauty or how nice she was, it was that feeling you get when you meet somebody who is filled with talent, and the world doesn't know about them yet.

I was reminded of Klagstad the other day when my friends, Big Two-Hearted, sampled one of her songs to start off their EP.  I thought I would google her name again to see if she was working on anything new.  Turns out she uploaded some new music this past November to her Bandcamp and still existent Myspace page.  It really makes no sense that she isn't hugely popular by now.  I'm not sure if the labels are too ignorant to take notice or if she is purposefully avoiding that spotlight until she is older and ready.  But, the fact that she has made some new music after taking an almost three year break is a good sign that we can expect big things from her in the future, especially with how good these new songs are.  What makes even less sense is that most blogs haven't caught on to her talent either.  I'm hoping to change that, at least on this one.  Listen to Klagstad's new EP, Dreamt Beneath the Cassidy Tree, and watch a video of her performing at home below.

Connect with Rae Cassidy Klagstad: Bandcamp | Myspace | Twitter



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