A Collection of the Best Danny Brown Lines

When I first saw and heard Danny Brown I initially dismissed it. I mean this guy has one eccentric and oddball rap voice with a goofy ass style. But it got me thinking, so what? This is who he is and he knows how to be himself and stand out from the crowd of rappers. Not long after I basically ignored his mixtape XXX, I gave it another go and I'm glad I did. The sometimes wild, shocking, and often hilarious songs feature rap bars that no one else can quite pull of like Brown. His wordplay with his flow will make you question what the hell you just heard, but that is the beauty of Danny Brown. Below are some of my favorite lines, whether they are funny, serious, vulgar, or downright outlandish, these show how Danny Brown has become a hot commodity in the past few months. Brown has a ton of good lines and there may even be better ones, but these are some that stand out to me. If you want to read more lyrics or know what the hell some of them mean, hit up Rap Genius right here for all Danny Brown's songs.

"So now his turn up, fixing up to bat, Pitching singles to the label when I use to pitch crack"  - Danny Brown "30"

"40 on the floor mat a leave ya holey moley, Banana in her tailpipe will her act so folly"  Danny Brown - "Black & Brown"

"I fuck bad bitches to Stacy Lattisaw, While you n**gas got blue balls like a Avatar, Eating caviar in El Salvador, She running from my dick like it's a bull and she the matador, She a pregnant Labrador, Said my metaphors are the highest caliber."  Danny Brown - "Adderall Admiral"

"Swishers on Schwarzenegger, Matter fact, nah n**ga, they on Boa Constrictors, they'll choke a n**ga" Danny Brown - "Outer Space"

"I'm gone off a Zanny nodding off watching menace, Rolling on some purple that my n**ga call Grimmace"  Danny Brown - "Blunt After Blunt"

"Got a fetish for anything the color of lettuce, But they cut the horses' wings yeah, a Pegasus"  Danny Brown - "Demons & Angels"

"I'm a borderline porcupine, A step from drinking turpentine, Just to wash down a plate of these wack rappers rhymes"  Danny Brown - "Detroit 187"

I'm fifth floor at the Bellagio, Vegas bitches that's resembling Rosario, Dawson, awesome, hit the head, Mario" Danny Brown - "Greatest Rapper Ever"

"Excited for garments like it tailor made, And when these bitches see me man they wetter than the everglades" Danny Brown - "Grown Up"

"Ready to hit the studio and shit all on your mixtape, Nah, literally, shit all on your mixtape, Wipe with the credits, leave stains on the jewel case"  Danny Brown - "Monopoly"

"Colder than them grits they fed slaves, Me to rap is like water to raves" Danny Brown - "XXX"

"Used to slang for weeks without Degree under my underarms" Danny Brown - "The Hybrid (Solar Bars)"

"Sagging in Scottie Pippens, kid on a Gotti mission, But see his downfall, your best friend snitchin'" Danny Brown - "Re-Up"

"Sniffing adderall off the counter in my kitchen, Tripping off the shit that had Brian Wilson flipping, Experiment so much it's a miracle I'm living"  Danny Brown - "Die Like A Rockstar"


"she run in front my dick" not "she runnin from my dick"

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