The Lower Class - "The Sound in the Soul"

The reason I started doing the Unsigned Friday posts was to give some of the underdogs a chance to be heard or discovered. Granted, I do write regular posts of some unsigned talent, but I'm quite selective about that. This might be one of the first times that an Unsigned Friday post is getting a regular post after. The Lower Class, a young hip hop group who I introduced a few months back (read here), has returned with a new song called "The Sound in the Soul." I gave the song a listen to see what kind of sound they had going for their new upcoming project, and it's easy to see these kids have a damn good chance of making it in the industry. The beat has a mellow and soulful vibe, plus the young guns flow with ease on the beat. Already gaining 1k+ hits in 2 days with nothing but their marketing skills is showing something. Do I think this kids have the most ridiculous wordplay? Not quite, but they are well on their way. Listen and download to the track below.



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