The Movement - One More Night (Album)

So far this week I'm really jumping back into my reggae collection, I guess it is the spirit of Spring and the upcoming Summer. Yesterday I posted about artist/producer Alific and today I have some more good reggae vibes for you. The Movement released a new record last week called One More Night and I knew I would share this considering I was amazed by the talent of these guys when I saw them live two summers ago. They opened up for The Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome, and that might of been the most crowded opening act performance I've seen.

This new album blends reggae, soul, pop, and hip hop elements into one, the sort of blend you sort of expect from most modern reggae bands. Yet, The Movement just has this special sound that will connect with you. The vocals, lyrics, and music arrangements will get you lost into another realm. Listen to the new album below and purchase it if you are feeling this.

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