Tenacious D - "To Be The Best" & "Rize of the Fenix"

Music has been missing some good Tenacious D music, and the duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass have returned with a new song called "Rize of the Fenix," which is the title track of their upcoming third album. They also released a new 6 minute music video for another song called "To Be The Best." The comedy rock style had proven pretty successful for these guys, although their last album The Pick of Destiny pretty much tanked. But as this new songs suggest, Tenacious D isn't ready to quit and are going to rise to the top again. At this point, who knows if that will hold true, but these new songs are solid. Listen to a snippet of "Rize of the Fenix" and watch the video for "To Be The Best" below. Rize of the Fenix is out May 15th.



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