Video: Grimes - "Oblivion" (with a little rant thrown in)

Up to this point, Montreal-based synth pop artist Claire Boucher aka Grimes hasn't been covered at all on this site.  But, she's getting a whole lot of hype on just about every other blog and music site out there.  I'm not sure of Todd or any of our other writers' feelings on Boucher or her music, but I don't think that Grimes' new album, Visions, lives up to the hype that's been surrounding it, and I think too much of the hype is focusing on her personality and not her music.  I don't get this feeling from many music sources, but some (cough, Pitchfork) give the impression that Boucher's interesting/quirky personality and style choices make her music better/more worth listening to.  I don't think that's what blogs and music sites should focus on though.  Not to mention Boucher doesn't really display much of her personality in her music.

Now, I'm not saying anything against Boucher here, and I actually like her interesting/quirky personality.  And her new album isn't bad, I just don't enjoy it the whole way through.  I just think that her image and music shouldn't be so hyped up and thrown in readers' faces.  This might not be making much sense, and I might even be exaggerating the issue in my own mind a bit, but this was on my mind and I had to share it.  I didn't make this post an official feature or anything like we did with the post on Lana Del Ray earlier this year because I didn't want my feelings on this issue to be the focus of this post.  I want the focus to be that I really like the video for Grimes' song "Oblivion".  I really like it a lot.  It's an excellent video, and enough to make Grimes iconic without all this extra hype.  I really like the song too.  So, if you haven't seen this video yet, watch it below.  Sorry if this was confusing.



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