Video: Walk the Moon - "Anna Sun"

Walk the Moon is an indie-rock band from Cincinnati, OH and was one of the thousands of bands who performed at SXSW this year. This was their second consecutive attendance at the Austin music and film festival, with previous experience performing at Lollapalooza and Sasquatch Music Festival. The band knows how to encompass listeners in the live music experience by sharing face-painting supplies with the crowd and incorporating incessantly catchy dance anthems begging to be sung along with.

Walk the Moon has an undeniably pop backbone with a flare for synth and accentuating the art in making music. With plenty of neon decor bombarding the retinas and a dash of goofy humor, Walk the Moon's video for "Anna Sun" off their 2012 Anna Sun EP is a tribute to youth. The video was shot in one take, adhering to the popular videography style of this generation. "Anna Sun" oozes playfulness and encourages us all not to take ourselves too seriously. Have some fun with Walk the Moon's "Anna Sun" video.

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Absolutely great EP <3 Just found a ton of great interviews posted on their website too :)

I haven't gotten to perform with these guys with my current band Automagik yet, but I did 4 years ago with my old band! :D

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